Monday, May 22, 2006

NOTE: A Change in Schedule






*Worn, Weathered, & Working Theme


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bulletin: May 2006

The Minutes!!!

April was another fine meeting for 2006. 28 members brought in 12 models and 16 works in progress to a very busy meeting.


WORK IN PROGRESS NIGHT: Members brought in various works from their workbenches to share with the group. In this hobby, if you don’t have several things in various stages, then you’re not doing it right! So we were pleased to see so many models on the tables and the discussions about them.

PIZZA OR BBQ NIGHT? Well, we settled it. June shall remain Pizza Night, and we’ll be finding out for the May meeting whether or now burgers and hot dogs are possible for the August meeting. We’ll see how it goes.

MOSQUITOCON: We had a lively discussion about the show in NJ. I know I don’t usually mention the shows here, but there were some interesting details. A large number of members went and got together for lunch out there. Kinda sounded like the old days. And we even had some WINNERS at the show. I know Hugh won a couple (of course my notes are at home while I’m writing this in the office!) and Don wan too. Congrats guys!

MOVING ON UP! We noted how former BPMS member JACK KENNEDY is now the President of IPMS. It’s always great to hear about old members doing well. Congrats Jack!

On the agenda: MAY

CONTEST NIGHT This will be the second installment of the BPMS annual contest. This is the regular quarterly contest with the standard six categories that members vote on. Bring in your best work and be sure to have the proper paperwork filled out, otherwise it can’t get votes!

PAINT STRIPPING CLINIC: We’re back to our basic skills clinics, as we haven’t had one of these in a while. We have discussed how to build and all those stages, but what do you do when things go wrong? Kits are too expensive to smash these days. You will need to strip off your paint and Gordon, Russ, and I will have some pearls of wisdom to share with you on the matter.

REMINDER: Coming in June!!!

Worn, Weathered, & Working Theme: Hugh, Frank C. and Frank T. offered to sponsor a theme contest that commemorates the works of the late Captain Bart, items that show the rigors and abuses of regular (and not so regular) service. This can easily be applied to all aspects of modeling.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Totals for Support of FOB Speicher Model Group

1. I’d like to make up a “thank you” for our members to sign in recognition of Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day and send it to the model group at Speicher. Do either of you have a softcopy file of the BPMS logo/patch?

2. Regarding the totals below:

(a) I have more kits that the members have donated, but I like to check the parts against the instructions when there are loose parts and that takes time.

(b) Also, I can’t locate the customs form from the first shipment I sent and I know Frank sent a package on his own, so these are “at least” totals for the club. Pretty nice showing for two months.

3. This data is from an Excel spreadsheet, but the pie graph I generated from it probably wouldn’t reproduce well for the bulletin. I’ll provide a report at the meeting on Friday night. I have framed the certificate of appreciation from Speicher that Frank received and I will put that out on the table on Friday. I have collected all the e-mail correspondence and web news articles and will put that out on the table in a notebook, as well.

4. Items Provided to Model Group Speicher by the Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society as of 16 May 2006.

Item & Total To Date
  • Model Kits: 33
  • Brushes: 10
  • Decal Sheets: 8
  • Glue (Containers): 22
  • Knives: 3
  • Magazines: 11
  • Paint (Bottles): 23
  • Putty: 1
  • Sandpaper/Sticks: 6
  • Tweezers: 13
Total Items: 130

  • Aircraft/Helos: 18
  • Armor: 3
  • Cars/Motorcyles: 7
  • Figures: 3
  • Ships: 2
  • Miscellaneous: 0

5. My daughter Sarah said that folks see her name tag and ask if her Dad’s a member of the BPMS that’s sending kits to the model group. When she answers in the affirmative, they tell her which of the kits we’ve sent that they’re building. Good to know our efforts are appreciated.

See you Friday,


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Final Noreastcon Update: 05/13/2006

From RC1:
Well boys and girls, in less than one week we'll all begin gathering for our premier Region 1 event, Noreastcon. I'm really looking forward to this years event, as I know our hosts have been working their collective butts into the dirt to make this one of the best ever.

This is the last time I'll mention sponsoring for the show, as this is the final update you'll see before the show. I hope every region 1 chapter saw fit to sponsor a category. As most of us run our own shows, and we know how critical it is to have help. It's not too late to sponsor something, and I'm sure someone can be found to take your money at the show.

Attached is a list I received from John Gisetto containing the items to be auctioned off. There are some very nice offerings to be had, and all proceeds will go to the Hobby's for Heroes program. For those that don't know, Hobby's for Heroes is the program set up to send models, supplies, and support to our troops in Iran and Afghanistan. Lets see the bidding get hot and heavy to support these folks.

The show begins this Friday, and will feature some very cool programs that evening. Saturday will see a continuation of the festivities, along with the Region 1 Business Meeting. Please make sure your chapter has someone as a representative present. I have a small but important agenda planned and will open the floor for comments, questions and what have you.

The Judges Meeting will also afford everyone an opportunity to get on the Region 1 Judges list. I admit I have to start from scratch as I lost all the data when my old computer decided to have kittens.

Until then, I hope everyone has a safe trip to Noreastcon, and see y'all next weekend for some fun!!
Semper Fi

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

News from the top

Hi everyone,
Attached is a message from our President, Jack Kennedy. It contains all the latest news from the home office.
Please share it with the officers and members of your chapter.
Doug Hamilton
Region 1 Coordinator

In keeping with a policy set by Dave Morrissette, the previous President of IPMS/USA, I am issuing a status report on happenings from the e-board.


I have been in contact with Tony Ivone about how to present the Adult Plastic Model Building Course to the chapters. Tony was the originator of this project and I believe it has merit to the membership.

I am also proposing appointing Dick Montgomery to be our Membership Secretary to tie in to the job that he has been doing as DLC. Both Dick and Bob Hester are working out a new membership and Chapter database and I feel that the logical solution would be to combine the two positions.

I have been in contact with our legal counsel and he came up with a disclaimer that will free IPMS/USA of liability in the event of lost, stolen or damaged models at any IPMS event.

1st VP:

John has made arrangements to have IPMS/USA co-host the social that has been previously hosted by Two Bobs at the National Convention.

2nd VP:

IPMS/USA has received in excess of $8,700. as our share of the profits from the Atlanta Nationals held last summer. Ron also reports that all of the awards have been sent out in addition to the judges pins.

Our legal counsel is looking into re-wording the parameters for hosting a National Convention to make it easier to understand and make them more complete.

As far as the National Convention in Kansas City, 106 folks have pre-registered and 1802 room nights have been sold and KC is looking into overflow hotels. 255 Vendors have booked (Sold out) with 55 on the waiting list. The new registration system looks good as does the awards ceremony.

Lastly from the 2nd VP is that two chapters have shown interest in hosting the 2008 Nationals and hopefully they will bid in KC.

Director of Local Chapters:

Dick has been working closely with Bob Hester in formulating a database management system for the DLC database regarding chapters and membership. This is now 80% in place. More on this as it happens but it sounds terrific.

Dick has also proposed with the blessing of the regional coordinators putting the chapters outside the continental US into a satellite region to be administered by our Foreign Liaison officer. This sounds logical to me.

From Glen Broman, our Foreign Liaison Officer is news of our newest SIG: The Scale Firehouse-an international group that focuses on the building of emergency vehicles models and sharing techniques for the scratch building involved. Please contact Chris Mobley, 200 Fleet drive, Dahlongega, GA 30533. Phone (706)867-8176. http://scalefirehouse.com/. For more information on SIGs, check our listing in the Journal or on the IPMSUSA web page at www.ipomsusa.org.

Publications Director and Historian:

Jim Woody has informed me that the new Journal is almost finished and that it looks terrific. The editors will be inserting the amendments into the new Journal to be voted upon. I would like to remind the membership to vote and return the voting cars as we need 15% in order for any amendment to pass or fail. Without the 15% the amendment dies on the vine.

That is about all that I have for now. More will follow as I get news.

The E-board is having a meeting on Sunday May 14th and additional news should follow shortly after it.

Yours in modeling,

Jack Kennedy