Tuesday, December 30, 2014

European Tour: '44 - '45 Theme Contest

European Tour

June was the anniversary of D-Day and December will be the Anniversary for the Battle of the Bulge. In between were several other key battles of the Western Front of World War II. Then there was only another six months until the Allies sewed it up at Berlin.    

Theme Guidline:
Build something that can be associated to the Western Front of the Second World War, starting from the invasion of Normandy up through the end of the war in Europe.

  • Operation Overlord: June–August 1944
  • Battle for Brest: August–September 1944
  • Operation Dragoon: August–September 1944
  • Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine: August–September 1944
  • Clearing the Channel Coast: September–November 1944
  • Operation Market Garden: September 1944
  • Lorraine Campaign: September–December 1944
  • Battle of Metz: September–December 1944
  • Battle of Nancy: September 1944
  • Battle of Moerbrugge: September 1944
  • Battle of Hürtgen Forest: September 1944-February 1945
  • Battle of Overloon: October 1944
  • Battle of Aachen: October 1944
  • Battle of the Scheldt: October–November 1944
  • Operation Queen: November–December 1944
  • Operation Clipper: November 1944-January 1945
  • Battle of the Bulge: December 1944-January 1945
  • Operation Nordwind: January 1945
  • Operation Blackcock: January 1945
  • Colmar Pocket: January–February 1945
  • Western Allied invasion of Germany: February–May 1945
You can also check this site for ideas: http://www.dday-overlord.com/

Everyone must have at least a couple models in the closet that will satisfy the requirements of this theme, be it Axis or Allies. There are plenty of options, get building and have fun with it! Contact the sponsors with any questions on the theme.

There has been a rumor that there may be some special awards. More details to come…  

Theme contest date: December 19, 2014.

Theme Sponsors:

  • Joe Bergman
  • Russ Holcomb
  • Ray Keegan
  • Kamila Lukyanova

Addendum - 12/30/2014: 
We had an amazing showing of support for the final theme contest of 2014. The requirement was to build something from the Western Front from World War II, starting from the Invasion of Normandy straight through to the end of the war in Europe. There were many possibilities and the entries showed that spread. The winners were:

1           Bobby Pokorny           Stug III

2          Tomasz Kalata            M-24 Chaffee

3          Frank Colucci              V2 Rocket

HM         Bob Epley                    King Tiger

               Israel Alvarado           Sherman

               Jeff Eng                        Cromwell

               Howell Serkin              Panther

               Kosta Lukyanov          LCVP

               Ray Whitton                Hawker Typhoon

A special thank you to everyone who built for this theme and an extra special thanks to the sponsors, Joe Bergman, Russ Holcomb, Ray Keegan and Kamila Lukyanova, without whom we wouldn’t have had this theme.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Bulletin: December 2014

T h e

M i n u t e s

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

November was a jam-packed meeting. We had 21 members and zero guests who brought in 24 models, most of which were entries for the contest.

November Meeting

COntest night – 4th qtr 2013: This was the final installment of the quarterly BPMS Annual Contest. The last chance to accumulate votes. Did you take advantage?  

super raffle: This is the reason why you must fill out your paperwork at each meeting. For every new model you brought in over the course of the year you got ONE SUPER RAFFLE TICKET. If you completed your pledge model you got an additional FIVE super raffle tickets. We had a wide assortment of prizes and the chances of winning were high! Thanks to all the members who made contributions this year!

Our most prolific modeler of 2014 was JOE BERGMAN with 40 tickets to his name. Congrats!

Holiday dinner: The holiday dinner went well. We had approximately 20 members, friends, and family in attendance. Good times and good food. We couldn't have asked for more!

3019 Quentin Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11234
(718) 376-0033

On the agenda: December

European tour theme contest: I hope you’re ready because it’s finally HERE! Believe me, you’re going to want to win one of the awards for this contest! Find details HERE.    

Awards ceremony: The votes have been cast and the numbers have been crunched. The winners are… NOT SO FAST! Come to the meeting to find out, plus we see who gets to be the first winner of the FRANK TRIPOLI – TOP GUN AWARD!  

holiday desserts: Since we have a separate Holiday Meal we’re just asking the members to bring in some seasonal treats and sweets for the group to celebrate another successful year in the books. Any kind of desserts or snacks would be greatly appreciated. 

Meeting Date: 
December 19th, 2014
Same time,
Same Place!

BPMS Bulletin in PDF format
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Download Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/q11mb6

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

BPMS Holiday Luncheon is THIS WEEKEND!

3019 Quentin Rd 
Brooklyn, NY 11234
(718) 376-0033

Saturday, December 6, from 1-3 PM. 
$35 per person.