Friday, September 30, 2005

RC1 Update: 09/30/2005

Greetings again,

This will be really short!!

The most common question I've been getting the past few days related to the mini-meetings planned for this fall. The answer is yes, there will be two mini-meetings this fall. The first will be held at Syrcon in Syracuse NY on 16 September for all the chapters in the western end of the region. The second one will be held at Baycon on 6 November for all the out-easterners. My sincere thanks to IPMS Syracuse and Bay Colony for allowing me to do these at their events. I hope each chapter in the region sends at least one rep to the meeting closest to them. Or send a rep to both, then compare notes. But do come on down!!

I'm happy to say that all the rechartering materials have gone out to all chapters, and should be in your hands by now.

Please, make it a point to fill it out, and get it back as soon as you can. As IPMS will have new officers in place at the first of the year, it's more imperative that this task accomplished with as much speed and accuracy as possible. It's hoped that all rechartering is complete before our next DLC Dick Montgomery takes office.

On a related note, please be sure to vote in the current IPMS National election. Make your voice heard. It's easy to do by checking into the IPMS web site and following the link.

On CBS News Tuesday night was a report on the on going battle relating to licensing fees charged the kit manufacturers by the defense contractors. In case you missed it, it can be viewed at:
IPMS is playing a role in this issue, and we all need to keep the pressure on our elected officials to let them know how we feel about the issue. If they hear from enough of us, they'll have to take notice. As I've said before, contact your reps in Washington, and let them know, civilly of course, that we're tired of being ripped off!!

That's it for now. Hope to see a good number at the mini-meetings. And as always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.
Semper Fi

Thursday, September 29, 2005

FYI: Scale Model Index

Bob G. sent me this link:


You'll find anything you need there!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


(click for larger version)

1918 – 2005

Bart Holmes passed away early on September 14 at the age of 87. He died peacefully at home, in his den, surrounded by the models, awards, pictures, certificates, and memorabilia that summarized his very full life.

Bart was one of the early members of the Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society, one of the guys who first met in Bert Berg’s Clothes Horse dress shop on Kings Highway around 1973. He served a term as BPMS President at Marcy Studios and attended meetings when the Club enjoyed the hospitality of the Ryan Center at Floyd Bennett Field.

Bart was a skilled and prolific modeler who supplemented his love of ships with armor, aircraft, and dioramas. He built the history he loved so much with a modelers’ precision and an artist’s license, carefully posing warships in grimy dry-docks and military figures in realistic fortifications. His basement workshop was a friendly place full of tools, finished models, and always a new project underway.

Growing up as the son of a former Navy diver on Staten Island, Bart always wanted to go to sea. He left home at 16 as a merchant seaman and went on to a wartime commission at the U.S. Maritime Service Officer Candidate School at Fort Trumbull, Connecticut. With ongoing study, he earned a string of demanding sea qualifications equal to any advanced academic degree. Bart Holmes literally navigated around the world and truly loved his life at sea. Bart was an expert on the naval battles of World War One and Two.

In the Second World War, Bart sailed tankers and Liberty Ships across the Atlantic and the Pacific. He was torpedoed by German U-Boats three times and returned each time to another convoy or solo run. He was nearly shot by Japanese holdouts in the final days of World War II. After the war, he remained with the United Fruit Company sailing cargo to Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia and was part of the commercial sealift to supply US forces in Vietnam.

Bart attained his long-time goal to captain his own ship shortly before his retirement in the early 1970s. It was aboard ship that he started model building, first in wood before the advent of plastic kits.

Bart was a vocal patriot and a lifelong Staten Islander. Beneath the bluster of a crotchety sea captain, he was a remarkably intelligent, sensitive, funny man. He read constantly, adored animals, and laughed hard and easily.

Bart Holmes is survived by his wonderful, dedicated wife of 54 years, Norma. He is remembered as a loyal and caring friend.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bulletin: September 2005


by Bobby the Blue

The August meeting was a quiet but fun meeting. We had 23 members and one guest bringing in 26 models.


CONTEST NIGHT 3RD QTR 2005 : This was the third installment of the annual contest. Many great works were presented and the competition was fierce. We’ll have to wait for November for the results!

SLIDE SHOW: Russ and Adrian had their pics from the Nationals. With the use of a couple laptop computers and we had some cool showings of models from the IPMS Nationals. Thanks guys!

On the agenda: September

FAVORITE MODEL NIGHT: No one remembers whose idea this was, but everyone agrees it’s brilliant! Bring in a kit from your collection that you LOVE! Built, unbuilt, both, doesn’t matter! Just bring it in and be prepared to tell the group a few words on why this is YOUR FAVORITE MODEL!

SWAP MEET: Bring in your goodies to sell and to trade, and don’t forget to bring some dollars to spend. You never know what will turn up!

HOLIDAY DINNER: Do we have a plan yet? If not, we better get started on one!

Our Current Location:
Bergen Beach Sports Complex

From Belt Pkwy: Take exit 11N - Flatbush Avenue North. Go North on Flatbush Avenue and make a right onto Avenue U (Kings Plaza). Continue on Avenue U to Bergen Avenue; Make a right onto Bergen Avenue. Go straight on Bergen Avenue 3 blocks. Sports Complex on left.

For December we have a CATS theme. Adrian, Russ, and Jeff have agreed to sponsor that one. Anything having to do with Cats will do. That includes any kind of cat in the name, etc. Panzers, Hellcats, Tomcats, and special paint schemes that depict leopard spots or tiger stripes are good too. If you have questions, ask the sponsors at the meetings. More details in another section of the Bulletin.

Do you want to sponsor a theme in 2006? Some concepts we’ve kicked around are: Experimental, Take One for the Team, and Things That Suck. Contact the officers if you want to sponsor any of those or anything else for December. Also the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars is coming up. Right when all the kits are re-issued!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Region 1 Update: 09/14/2005

Greetings all,
Time for more news that chews!! I have some updated information to share, a few announcements, and other assorted items you may find interesting.

At long last, the results have been released from Atlanta. They can be viewed at:
When I went through them I noticed a good number of Region 1 people listed as winners, including a number of juniors. Congratulations to all the winners. With the high quality of work on display, everyone that was able to bring home some hardware really earned it. Bravo Zulu!!!
Chairman Paul Cotcher also offers an explanation as to the delay in getting the results posted. Check the IPMS web site discussion boards under the Atlanta Nationals section for further information. I think the problems encountered this year has shown that some standardization in the registration process from year to year needs to be adapted. I know these issues are being looked at in an effort to keep this from happening again in the future.

Every chapter should be receiving the rechartering packages from Jack shortly. I believe they'll be going out near the end of the month. If your chapter doesn't receive one by the middle of October, please let me know, and I'll get you the stuff you need promptly. And if you have any questions or need clarification on anything, just ask!! The important thing is to get your stuff back to Jack as quickly as you can.

The Constitutional amendment to allow the E Board to set the rechartering fee based on the cost of doing business received enough votes to make it a valid vote. Thanks to all that voted either on the web, or with paper ballot. The results was a positive vote on the proposal, so in the future the rechartering fee will be set by the E Board. I'm positive the cost will be going up, given it hasn't risen in a thousand years!!

At the tail end of this update is a listing of all Region 1 approved events, including what I have for 06. One thing I've noticed is that we have a bunch of events clustered around certain times of the year. When planning your event, please look at the schedule and see if it would be advantageous to move your event into a time frame further away from the surrounding events. I realize weather in the region plays an important in scheduling an event here in the Northeast, But I think if we can get a little more dispersion of events everyone will benefit. It's only a suggestion, and I'll ask all the chapters to at least consider it.

This fall the Region 1 Mini-business meetings will be back on the calendar. Two are scheduled to allow every chapter to send a rep to at least one. When I started these a couple of years ago, I only did one in the eastern end of the region. This year the meetings will be atSyrcon on October 16th for the Wild Western end of the region, and Baycon on November 6th for all the out-easterners. I'd like to thank the hosts IPMS Syracuse and IPMS Bay Colony for allowing me to set these up. The topics we'll discuss are whatever y'all bring to the table. They'll be very informal, and hopefully enlightening, but either way, we'll have some fun. Please plan to send a chapter rep to either or both meetings. These don't replace the formal meeting at Noreastcon, but are merely augments.

Speaking of Noreastcon!! John Nickerson, and the rest of the 06 Committee are hard at work getting everything ready for next May. While I haven't received an update from them, (It's way too early for that!!!) I have it on good authority they're on top of it. I know of one group that's looking into putting a bid together for 07, and have nothing for cooking for 08 and beyond. If your chapter is considering a future bid, let me know. I'll get you the sets of guidelines needed for putting a bid together.

I think that's the skinny, for now. If any more news comes my way, I'll pass it along. As always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter. See everyone at Syrcon and Baycon.

Semper Fi

Approved Region 1 Event Dates
(If I missed yours, and it's approved please let me know!!!)
Please check with the hosts for further information

September 18 2005, Rocon- IPMS Rochester NY
September 25 2005, IPMS Cape Cod Mass
October 9 2005, Model Festival - IPMS Stratford CT
October 16 2005, Granitecon - IPMS Granite State NH
October 16 2005, Syrcon - IPMS Syracuse NY & Region 1 Mini-meeting Western
October 22 2005, IPMS HVHMG/Mid Hudson NY
November 6 2005 Baycon - IPMS Bay Colony Mass & Region 1 Mini-meeting Eastern
November 12 2005 IPMS LIARS NY
April 1 2006, RepLIcon - IPMS Long Island NY
April 2 2006 IPMS MASSCAR
April 2 2006, Valleycon - IPMS Wings and Wheels Mass
April 9 2006, Buffcon - IPMS Buffalo NY
April 22 2006, CamAmcon - IPMS Champlain Valley NY
April 29 2006, Downeastcon - IPMS Maine
May 19-20 2006 Noreastcon - IPMS Wings and Wheels, Bay Colony, Granite State, & Patriot. Marlbough Mass
October 16 2006 Syrcon - IPMS Syracuse