Sunday, November 26, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report: 11/21/2023

Ten people attended the meeting. Lou told us Tamiya's 1/148 F-35B will be available shortly.
The holiday lunch is Saturday, 12/2/23 at noon at Nora's, 3019 Quentin Rd, Brooklyn. Good food, good company, good enough parking. 

Kevin reported Hobby Lobby is will open a store on Staten Island by the end of the year. Details to follow. Vaughan is looking for post WW 2 Luftwaffe decals for his Eurocopter Tiger. Contact him directly for details. We briefly discussed commission builds and ways to attract new people to the hobby, like model displays rather than model competitions. 

In progress and completed work included: Revell/Smithsonian Hurricane Mk 2, Ghost of Christmas Past, Wolf Man, Napoleon Bonaparte, 1940 Ford, Dagon and Mig-29. Acquisitions included: Igor/Marty Feldman bust, Dr Frankenstein/Gene Wilder bust, Seafire 17, Hase mini sub, Tu-134, Su- 355 Flanker E and Canadian Ram Mk 2. 

A tip from Mr. K, put a pencil eraser cap on your hobby knife handle to keep it from rolling around. A tip from Kevin, Reikland Fleshshade from Citadel, is good for, you guessed it, shading flesh. 

The topic was black Friday deals. Apparently, we're not particularly excited about black Friday. Offers from outfits, like Andy's Hobby HQ and Sprue Brothers were mentioned, but no one found the "offer he couldn't refuse" (but Frank couldn't refuse a1/48 Cesna 195, if one was available). You may find good deals on Amazon and AliExpress if you look around on a regular basis. Case in point, a 16-bottle set of Vallejo paints from Amazon for $26. 

Next meeting is Tuesday, 11/28/23 at 730 pm. Invites to follow. Tell us what you bought on cyber-Monday.


Wednesday, November 08, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: November 7, 2023

Fifteen people attended the meeting. No Zoom next Tuesday (11/14/2023), the in-person meeting is Friday, 11/17/23 at the Community Center. Doors open around 6, and the meeting starts around 7:30. It's (1) Super Raffle night, (2) the last quarterly contest of the year and (3) an opportunity to sign up for 12/2/23 holiday lunch at Nora's, 3019, Quentin Road, Brooklyn. See the BPMS Bulletin (mine arrived today) for more details. 
Lou reported AMT's 1/200 Aretmis-1 is available and Frank G reported a new Hobby Lobby opened on Staten Island, on Forrest Ave near Decker Ave. 
The Freeport Rec Center will host the L.I.A.R.S. (cars) show on 11/11/23. Mark shared photos of the Hudson Valley Show and a large show in Belgum. 
In progress and completed work included: Samuri Figure, Ghost of Christmas Past bust (Kevin's conundrum -paint it as a ghost or as an actor playing a ghost), M-3 Stuart, Merkava 4, C-130, Mr. Kim's Noodle Boat (Don's resin kit is rapidly becoming a scratch-built kit), P-47, 3D printed monster sea turtle, 1940 Ford pick-up and, from Vaughn's stash, Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIC (Revell-Smithsonian). Acquisitions included: Werewolf head, 3D printed Dagon, F3F Wildcat, M-12, Seversky J-9 and aftermarket USCG decals and railings (Mr. K is impressed by Trumpeter's 1/350 set) for the Burton Island kit. 
We talked about the times we've done the wrong thing. Stuff like modifying kit parts before our research is completed, overcoating a base coat with incompatible paint, attaching small parts too early in the build, not noticing "handed" parts until they're glued in place and incorrectly thinning acrylics for airbrushing. We review instructions thoroughly, but we often alter sequence of work as we see fit. Sometimes we come to regret it. We've gone wrong when the instructions are too complex, oversimplified or just plain illegible. Then there are the garage kits that come without instructions or pictures of the final build. So, even when you're not being told what to do, you can go wrong. 
Remember, our next meeting is Friday. Do the right thing and show up. 

Sunday, November 05, 2023

Halloween BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: 10/31/2023

Eleven people attended the meeting. Frank and Lou told us about three new (?) model companies, Hobby 2000, Magic Factory and Dream Model. Lou reported Minicraft's 1/144 C-130 J30, Kinetic Gold's new F-16 D, Block 30,40,50 and F-16 C, both 1/48, Tamiya's 1/35 Pz 4F2 (DAK) and Border Model's 1/35 M-29 C Weasel (incorrectly identified as a Monogram re-release last week - my bad).

No tricks, just treats this Halloween. Mark shared photos of last week's Hudson Valley show, where there were 274 entries and BPMS sponsored two categories. Then, Michael shared many photos of Japan. Well, to be honest, interiors of model shops in different cities and a museum in Japan. Some shops were multi-level buildings in the model district, some were small, independent businesses at various locations. Regardless, they were all well stocked with kits, paint and accessories. Prices were reasonable, helped by the favorable exchange rate. The Kure Maritime Museum has a 1/10 model of the Yamato in addition to many smaller WW2 related items. Not technically a museum, Tamiya's headquarters featured examples of their products from their early wooden kits (who knew?) to the present day (lots of Phantoms, and Frank knew them all). 
In progress and completed work included: Napoleon Bonaparte figure, F-90 Gundam and Mig-21. Acquisitions included: Ghost of Christmas Past bust and F-15 J. 
Being Halloween, we discussed masks. We heard about Aztek Dummy stencils, combining Tamiya thin tape with less expensive tapes or paper to make large masks with sharp edges and securing paper masks to flattened Blu Tack "worms" to mask large areas. 
The next meeting is Tuesday, 11/7/23 at 7:30 pm. (Don't forget to change your clocks.) Invites to follow. Hope to see you there 

Friday, November 03, 2023

BPMS Bulletin: November 2023 by Kevin K

 Minutes from the October Meeting

Attendance: Members – 23, Guests – 3, Models – 27
Meeting was gaveled to order at 7:40PM.

•The meeting centered around Pledge night displays, and it was also Spooky Models Night. Anything that was either spooky, or had a name that was spooky was eligible.
•A report from Julio’s Manhattan Model Build session was another success despite some bad weather. Modelers of all ages and interests participated. Other shows included Armor Con and the HVHMG show. Look for the flyer and categories elsewhere in this issue.
•It was also reported that Julio was injured and not able to attend the event. The Club wishes him all the best for a speedy recovery.
•A report from ArmorCon indicates a nice show, even though the room was small. At least 150 models were on display. The Vendor room was good!
•The monthly raffle was held with 14 winners!
•October is Nominations month, and Tom Govia was Nominated for President. Kevin Kilkenny was nominated for VP.
•Discussion also included the Christmas Dinner to be held Dec. 2. See below.
•Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM
BPMS Christmas Luncheon
December 2 – Mark your calendar! This year’s Christmas Luncheon will once again be at Nora’s starting at noon. The price for the event is $45 per person. If you didn’t sign up at the meeting, please contact a Club Officer. Make sure to indicate if you have a +1.
Nora’s is located at 3019 Quentin Rd., in Brooklyn.
November BPMS Activities!
  • Contest Night: 4Q23 – The last contest of the year. What have you built recently? Bring it in and put it on the table! Good Luck to everyone.
  • SUPER Raffle: November is the month for the super raffle. For every model you brought in you got a ticket, and then for declaring a pledge, and then bringing it in for show you get 5 tickets. There’s always a load of goodies to be won. So, make sure you arrive on time!
  • Looking to thin the stash? We’re always looking for kit donations for the raffles. Take a look way at the bottom in the back of the pile. I’m sure you can find one or two to bring in. Thanks in advance!

Meeting date: 

November 17, 2023

Location: BBSC

Time: We usually have members setting up by 6 PM. Feel free to come by early!

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