Thursday, August 31, 2006

More updates on Gordon's BPMS Galleries

Gordon has been hard at work on his BPMS Galleries and asked me to remind you all to check in frequently for updates:

Region 1 Approved Events

Hi everyone,

Attached, at long last is the update Region 1 Events calendar. I know I've been promising it for a few updates, but life has a way of getting in the way.

You'll notice a few changes in the Spring 07 section from years past. Both the Wings and Wheels event, and RepLIcon have moved a few weeks into March. My thanks to both groups for helping free up some weekends in April. I think the new look to the schedule is fantastic, and should really help all the spring events get more fannies in the seats!! I see a nice balance and with only one day with two events, 15 march. I think we'll have the best opportunity to make all the shows. The only day that has two events is 15 March. MASSCAR and Buffcon certainly don't offer any conflict due to the fact they're on different ends of the region.

We're still a number of votes short in making the Amendment vote valid. Please continue to urge your members to cast their ballot. If it were made any easier, someone from IPMS would go to your home and move your hand to make your vote. But that's something you'll have to do yourselves!!! Take a few minutes and be part of it!!

Now that the summer is drawing to a close, I suppose many will be returning to the workbench. With the great events we have on tap for the fall and spring, there will be plenty of opportunities to bring our work out and show it off. Lets look forward to a fun and enjoyable fall season. Until next time...............

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton

2006 Region 1 Approved Events

17 September Rocon
IPMS Rochester

24 September Cape Codcon
IPMS Cape Cod

8 October Modelfest
IPMS Stratford

15 October Granitecon
IPMS Granite State

21 October Mid Hudson
IPMS Hudson Valley

22 October Syrcon
IPMS Syracuse

5 November Baycon
IPMS Bay Colony

2007 Region 1 Approved Events

25 March Valleycon
IPMS Wings and Wheels

31 March RepLIcon
IPMS Long Island

7 April Mosquitocon (Region 2)

15 April MASSCAR

15 April Buffcon
IPMS Niagara Frontier

27/28 April Noreastcon
IPMS Mid-Hudson/ IPMS Stratford
Fishkill NY

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In memory of Larry Muntner

After the last BPMS Meeting the officers were contacted by Mitchell Muntner. His brother, Larry had passed away from a heart attack. He was 59 and is survived by his twin brother, Mitchell, and bride of four months, Alicia Harris.

Larry was a life long Brooklynite. His High School years were spent at Erasmus Hall and he studied accounting at Kingsborough Community College. Earlier, he was a payroll clerk and for the last 20 years he worked as a mail clerk for the Department of Labor.

Since he’s been a member of the BPMS for many years (the Brothers joined back during our Floyd Bennett Field days), I think we will remember Larry best for his enthusiasm for so many aspects of the modeling hobby. He was part of a modeling team with his twin brother Mitchell and for 25 years they enjoyed building plastic as well as radio controlled models. More recently they discovered the joy of building wooden ships.

In his brother’s memory, Mitchell plans to keep the hobby in his heart and his life.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gordon's BPMS Galleries are up and running again

Here's his comeback post:


and his main page:


TidewaterCON - IPMS Region 2 Convention 20-21 October - Update

Forwarded to me by Hugh:


More news from the Region 2 Regional front. I'm sending this your way in the hopes that you will find this to be particularly interesting. Get the word out to all your modelin buddies and make this one a good event to remember.

Remember, October.....the leaves will be falling and so will the awards!!!

Glen Martin



We are just 60 days away from the IPMS Region 2 Convention at the new Virginia Beach Convention Center . As you undoubtedly have heard, this will be the site of the 2008 IPMS Nationals. We have an busy two days planned and look forward to seeing all of your clubs out there. So here is what is in store.

Vendors - we have sold 50 of 89 tables and have commitments from: Pace Hobbies, PJ's Hobbies, Martineer Press, Rare Plane Detective, Collectibles in Action, Byrd Aviation Books, Commanders Series Models - Iron Shipwright., 4+ Publications North America, Cobra Co. and Black Box. If your favorite vendor is not on the list please give him/her a nudge - I would love to see armor and automobile vendors.

Speakers - We have two days of speakers lined up including; Dana Bell, Dana Potts (former CAG speaking on the F-14), Floyd Werner, Dave Klaus, Lynn Ritger, illustrator A.D.Baker III with a balance of research, historical and how to topics.

The raffle will run both days. We are looking for donations

We have displays in the lobby area including the War Memorial Museum, a monster truck, an RC tank battle ground, and local clubs. For the families, if they are not at the beach, Make and Take, Merle Norman, and the Virginia Zoo.

And last but not least we have a contest. Region 2 is blessed with some great modelers, so there will be no doubt some eye-popping models on display.

The hotel rates are reasonable in October and the Double Tree has nicely refurbished rooms with wireless internet for only $75. Plan to spend a night or two.

So please get the word out. We have plenty of tables left for vendors, plenty of Trophy packs starting at only $35, and discounts available for early registration and IPMS membership . This is a chance to catch up with acquaintances.

All of this information and much more can be found at www.ipmstidewater.org/2con_home.htm

Questions - please contact me or the staff direct.

Many thanks,

Charles Landrum

President IPMS Tidewater

Chairman TidewaterCON

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Some sad news

I've just been notified by Frank T. of the passing of Larry Muntner. We don't know much more than Larry passed away about a couple weeks ago from a heart attack. I'm sure I can speak for the club when I say that the members of the BPMS offer the deepest sympathies to Mitchell and their entire family in this time of sorrow. Larry was a good guy who kept good cheer with him in great abundance. We will miss him, and carry his memory in our hearts.

Update: I just spoke to Mitchell. Larry was buried Sunday, August 20th. Mitchell will be sitting shivah until this weekend.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Theme Contest: December 2006: "Star Trek / Star Wars Anniversaries" Theme

"Star Wars / Star Trek Anniversaries" Theme

The December Theme Contest will be a combination STAR WARS / STAR TREK Theme Contest. This will commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek and the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. The sponsors are: Jeff, Rob G., Ray, Scott, and your humble narrator, Bobby P. As you may notice, that’s a lion share of the sci-fi modelers of the club. I’ve designed entry forms that will have a registration number and not names on it. We will, likely, have other people judge this one so we may enter the contest as well.

The theme: Build any Star Wars or Trek kit. This is to celebrate 30 / 40 years of the best science fiction that world had ever known. There are TONS of kits out there to kit any taste, style and budget. I recently ran a search for “Star Wars Model” on ebay and found anything from dirt-cheap plastic kits all the way up to limited edition resin kits. There WILL be something out there for you too!

With that said we already have a plan for awards, and many certificates for certain works that may include (but not limited to this list. The list may change in time before the contest) :
  • Most Bad-Assed Starship
  • Best Cross-Over / What If
  • Unusual Paint Job
  • Best Hot Rod
  • Best Legs
  • Best Figure
  • You came in that???
  • Best Weathered
  • Coolest Hero
  • Toughest Adversary
  • Best Use of Lego
Who can honestly say they don’t have a single Star Trek or Star Wars model in their stacks? So we hope to see a lot of people try something different and build for this. If you should have any questions, feel free to speak with the sponsors directly.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Bulletin: August 2006

by Bobby the Blue

July had a great turn out. Pizza night always has people coming out of the woodwork. There were 26 members and two guests in attendance who brought a grand total of 27 models.


SUMMER KIT SALE: Some guys brought in some stuff to sell, but the kit sales were eclipsed by the other activities of the night.

PIZZA NIGHT: We delayed pizza night one month this year. It’s been in June for years, since we changed it during Kevin’s run so we can place it on a month when more members would be able to make it, and as an added incentive for showing up for the theme contest.

Worn, Weathered, & Working Theme: Hugh, Frank C. and Frank T. sponsored last month’s theme contest that commemorated the works of the late Captain Bart Holmes, items that showed the rigors and abuses of regular (and not so regular) service. There were some very nice models on the tables, and I wish I were able to get any of my projects done in time for this so I could’ve participated. The winners were:

1st Place Ray K. V8 Interceptor
2nd Place James M. Ford F-100
3rd Place John I. Mk IV Tank

Honorable Mentions
Jimmy T.
Charlie N.
Mike C.
Dan M.
Ray K.

On the agenda: August

CONTEST NIGHT: This will be the third installment of the annual contest. If you brought anything new to the last month’s theme, you’re invited to bring it back for the regular contest this month. If you’re not sure, this is the contest that we fill out ballots and forms for.

BBQ NIGHT: This is a brand new activity added to the roster this year. Vinny brought this to fruition; we will have a bbq during the meeting. Expect there to be hamburgers and hot dogs, salads, and soft drinks. We’re only asking $3 per person to cover expenses.

Region 1 Update 8-8-06

Howdy and Hi to everyone,

Well, the 2006 edition of the IPMS Nationals are now relegated to history. From what I've heard, it was a very successful event. I haven't heard if any Region 1 modelers won any awards in the contest yet. But I will pass their names around when I get that info. But will offer congratulations to all that did.

That doesn't mean that Region 1 didn't do well when the awards were passed out!! No sir!! I'm very proud to announce Bob Magina from IPMS Bay Colony has won Newsletter Editor of the Year for his fine efforts at the helm of Bay Colony's outstanding publication The Battlewagon. Bob's all-around efforts are second to none in what he does for his chapter, and I know that the rest of the Bay Colony guys will back me up in those sentiments. Bob is a very valuable member to his chapter, and a solid person to have here in Region 1. Again I offer my congratulations for another fine job!!

I also received an award, and I didn't go!! I'm most honored to report I was selected for RC of the Year this time around. My most sincere thanks to DLC Dick Montgomery for selecting me for this award. While I'm the one that gets the plaque, I feel it's totally representative of the high quality of chapters we have here in Region 1. As I've said, it's you folks that make my job easier, not to mention making me look good!! The support I get from every chapter in the region goes a long way in what I do as RC, and so I offer my thanks to you all for allowing me the opportunity to serve. I'm very proud to be RC here in Region 1, and thank everyone for their dedication to IPMS and our hobby.

The word I get is that there still not enough votes on the pending Constitutional Amendments to be considered a valid vote. Please urge all your members to cast a vote. It's quick and easy.

Next year, the nationals will be held in Orange County California, right across the street from Disneyland. Talk about a good site for a family vacation!! And the 2008 version will see a return to Virginia Beach VA. Looks like we have two very high quality events awaiting our arrival!! I'm not sure whether I'll make the OC event, but you can bet I'll be in VB in 08!!!!

One of the nicer things to come out of this years Nationals is a commitment from our good friend Dave Klaus and his staff at Meteor Productions. Here's what the "Official Release" says:

Meteor Donates to IPMS Chapters

Effective immediately, Meteor Productions, Inc., will donate one $25.00 gift certificate per year to each chartered IPMS/USA chapter, to be used as a reward for the chapter member who has done the most for the chapter that year.
As announced at the IPMS/USA national convention awards banquet in Kansas City last night by IPMS/USA president Jack Kennedy, as each chapter renews its charter this year, IPMS/USA will notify Meteor, who will in turn send a certificate directly to the local chapter. Meteor president Dave Klaus said in his letter proposing the program to the IPMS/USA Executive Board members:
"IPMS/USA is a great organization. The club has done a huge amount of good for the entire scale modeling community over the last 40+ years, and has successfully kept the flame alive through some of the tough times in the hobby. But, PEOPLE make IPMS/USA what it is. It's the hundreds of folks who put in the countless-unpaid!-hours who give IPMS it's heart and who make good things happen for the rest of us. As a small way of saying "thank you" to those who give IPMS its heart, effective immediately, we are donating one $25.00 gift certificate directly to each chartered IPMS/USA chapter each year. We hope each chapter's leadership will use it as a valuable reward for a deserving chapter member who has done the greatest good for the chapter that year. Everybody appreciates the thanks they receive, but nothing beats cold, hard cash! This gift certificate is good for any products Meteor sells, including sales merchandise, which could further increase its value. We put no restrictions on the use of this gift."
The gift certificate program is intended to reward individual IPMS/USA members for helping their local club. Each club will decide for itself how to award its gift certificate and Meteor is not involved with this local decision. Meteor will honor the certificate when the certificate serial number is presented to Meteor (the gift certificate itself need not be sent back to Meteor). Any local chapter member who wants to know who received his chapter's gift certificate should contact his local club leadership, and Meteor will have the name of the person who cashed the certificate. Per the request of the IPMS/USA national leadership, Meteor will send each gift certificate only after receiving notification from the IPMS/USA E-Board that the local chapter has renewed its charter for 2007. IPMS/USA will, as usual, notify its chapters of the details for charter renewal. Meteor may expand this program to IPMS organizations outside the US in the future, but no firm decision on this has yet been made.
I'll pass along the nuts and bolts of the program shortly. I think this is a very nice gesture by Dave, and speaks volumes in terms of where IPMS is, and the support we enjoy from the industry. Please make it a point to patronize those businesses and companies that support IPMS. Show them you appreciate their support.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn't make it to KC this year. But in an effort to get you all the latest, greatest info on the show, I present to you Mike Miodanski, President of IPMS Buffalo with a full show report. Mike's report is attached in it's entirety, and it really gives a good impression on the event. Thanks Mike, I appreciate you taking the time to prepare this for us.

With that all covered, I'll close this by saying again, please get your members to vote on the Constitutional Amendments. We need the votes to make this a valid ballot, so please urge everyone to vote. It's Important. Until next time............
Semper Fi