Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some news from Hugh

Attached is the latest report on Speicher support for the blog/newsletter. I won’t be at the May meeting. I’ll ask Frank C. to bring a box for donations.

Turning around the old saying that ‘if you don’t enter, you can’t win’, at PennCon it was ‘if you enter, you can’t lose’. I had the only entry in both 1/72 Single and Multi-Engine jet last weekend. For some reason, there were plenty of cars and plenty of targets (armor), but almost nothing in the airplane categories. I was so embarrassed. I called Frank to share a laugh about the situation and he reminded me that ‘any kill is a good kill’, but my two planes sure looked lonely sitting in the middle of that big table. 1/72 ME prop did not have any entries. Thank goodness they extended registration - there were some entries at the last minute to fill out 1/48 SE prop, otherwise I would have had half the entries in that category (3 out of 6). The president of the club announced the awards and he thanked me for showing up and bringing some planes.

Take care and see you in June - Hugh
Speicher Support Status Report
We reached two milestones with our latest shipment to the model club at Speicher on 30 April 2007. We surpassed the double century mark for kits and we have now sent over 500 total donations. We also have a new point of contact, MSGT Gonzalez having headed home and turned over the reins to SGT Juan Batista. On behalf of the troops, thanks again for everyone’s support. Hugh

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