Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Region 1 Update 01-14-08

Here we are, the first Update for 2008, and a few things to mention. First off I hope everyone had great holidays, and Santa, Santo, Santu, or the mythological figure of your choice brought cool stuff to y'all!! I'll be going out of town for ten days starting 17 Jan, returning 26 Jan, and will only have limited e mail contact during this time. Please forgive any delays in getting back to anyone.

Rechartering is complete, and all 26 Region 1 chapters are good for another year. It seemed everyone had no problems getting the necessary items attended to, and all in good time. I appreciate the efforts everyone put into the process this year, and offer my thanks. I'll remind everyone to keep updating their fact sheets throughout the year, and sending me a copy of each edit. I forward those edits to Dick, who in turn updates your chapters information when received. It keeps your chapter's info current in the IPMS data base, and by being current allows you to only need to send off the payment next year, making rechartering a snap.

Attached you'll find the latest, greatest listing of all Approved 2008 events. If your chapter's event isn't listed it hasn't been approved yet. Or if I just flat out missed it, let me know!! I expect the fall scheduled events to be added shortly, with another updated list going out late spring.

While we're thinking about shows, I've been asked to reiterate the event approval process. So to refresh everyone's memory:
  1. Set a tentative event date with the facility. Have them write it in with pencil at this point.
  2. Contact the RC, (ME!!) to request the tentative date. IF requested date is open, or poses no conflicts with other events I approve it immediately.
  3. If further discussion is needed before approval, I'll get right back to you with any questions. I'll proceed as quickly as possible to work with you in order to get your date approved.
  4. Only when your event is RC Approved, go to IPMS Web site, under Member Services, pull up Event Registration Form. Fill out the form completely, checking off "RC Approved" box, and submit.
  5. Do not submit an event registration form without requesting approval first. Dick will only kick it back that will slow the process down considerably.
  6. Contact faculty and have them schedule in pen, the date is firm.
    If there are any questions, please ask. I want everything to be smooth like a gravy sandwich, so if in doubt, ask!!

Everyone will bee seeing Noreastcon info being sent out by our hosts. I'll start the annual pleas by asking every Region 1 chapter to consider sponsoring a category at Noreastcon this year. If your chapter doesn't consider sponsorships, please consider Noreastcon. It's our regional, and our hosts work their butts off putting together an event. Please help them by sponsoring. And with mention of Noreastcon I'll also mention it's time to start putting you Region 1 Chapter of the Year, and Person of the Year nominations together, and send them my way. The cut off date for both nominations is March 15 this year. We all know people that should be nominated. Act now to make it a reality!!

With that being put out there, I'll end this. As always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapters!!

Semper Fi

Doug H

IPMS/USA Region 1
Approved Events 2008

29 March 2008
IPMS Long Island
Freeport NY

30 March 2008
IPMS Wings and Wheels
Chicopee Mass

5 April 2008 Mosquitocon (Region 2)
Wayne NY

12 April 2008
Can-Am con
IPMS Champlain Valley
Plattsburg NY

13 April 2008
IPMS Niagara Frontier
Buffalo NY

25-26 April 2008
IPMS Northeast New York
Schoharie NY

6-9 August 2008
IPMS National Convention
Virginia Beach Virginia

19 October 2008
IPMS Granite State
Nashua New Hampshire

25 October 2008
IPMS Mid Hudson
Poughkeepsie NY

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