Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A few words from The Next Prez

As some of you know,and many of you may not, I'm Ray and I am your President.

For me, the road to the Presidency began over four decades ago in Brooklyn, in the tiny but eccentric neighborhood called Gerritsen Beach..Even as a small child I dreamt of being a President. I knew even then that I wanted to be either the President of the B.P.M.S. or the first African-American President of the United States. I soon realized that there two obstacles in my path- the B.P.M.S. did not yet exist and I was not a black man, my plans would have to wait. So, while I was waiting my modeling career began when at the age of perhaps seven years my elder brother and I rescued a partially complete Aurora Spiderman from a neighbor's trashcan and with his help (my brother, not Spiderman). I did my best to do him justice (Spiderman not my brother). From there, there was no stopping me after the Web-slinger came Batman, Superman And Captain America, Batmobiles and boats, every ship, tank and airplane I could get my hands on. Despite a very full modeling schedule I managed to find time for school, surviving eight years of Catholic School. Having survived Catholic School I survived four years of a Public High School and as an encore survived College as well. It was during my post college wandering that I met Frank Tripoli and discovered two things - Frank was also a prolific modeler and that the B.P.M.S. had been created while I wasn't looking. So, after surviving the torturous and arcane entrance rituals I was in! And now after only twenty short years I've made it! I'm the President! (still not black though) So now begins the Reign of Terror. Blood will flow (did I say blood?) I mean paint, yes, paint will flow! Models will litter the tables! I may even learn to speak louder! My ultimate goal is to make sure that this club is fun and informative for everyone. I'd like to see more kits on the tables, more clinics more model talks and maybe even more fun.

Looking forward to two good years of oppression, Ray K, President.

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