Friday, January 16, 2009

Request for Special Troop Support

Request for Special Troop Support
Each model kit that we send overseas in support of the troops has a small tag enclosed or attached to the box that identifies the Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society as the donor. The tag also indicates our willingness to meet special requests for models, supplies, reference material, etc. Over the last three years, we have sent close to 500 models to Iraq, but it was only last month, just before our December meeting, that I received the very first special request for our support from a group of Army modelers in Iraq. This group of modelers had been relocated within Iraq to a base where there was no access to a recreation center with airbrushes, compressors, tools, paints, and kits. The point of contact, Specialist Edwards, asked for a compressor, paints, and model car kits. I can report that we shipped a compressor, airbrush, a few paints and some car kits just before Christmas. I’m asking that we make a special effort in the next two months to supply more car kits and acrylic, water-based paints in colors suitable for cars. In this way we can make the remaining months of their deployment go a bit faster. The types of cars that were requested are “muscle cars”, but Specialist Edwards clarified that kits of any kind of street rod, hot rod, or true muscle car would be appreciated. The colors that are needed are the bright reds, gloss blacks, metallic blues, canary yellows, etc., as opposed to our beloved Panzer Gray, Dark Earth, and Gunship Gray camouflage colors. Just a reminder, the paints need to be water-based, nonflammable paints to be acceptable to the local postal authorities who accept our packages for shipment. I know we’re not blessed with a lot of car modelers in the club, but I’m sure we can support this special request if we keep these troops in mind on that next trip to the hobby shop or when placing that next Internet order. Thanks, as always, for your great support.
~ Hugh A.

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