Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bulletin: March 2009

T h e M i n u t e s
by Bobby P.

February was a cramped and busy meeting. We had 29 members and 2 guests bringing in 24 models displayed for the night.

February Meeting
Sharing Is Caring: We had to share the BBSC with neighborhood youths getting in from the cold and doing something more constructive. That’s both good for the neighborhood and the kids. Some even had interest in our display. If some join up, it’s good for us. Everyone wins! We’ll probably have another couple meetings sharing space before spring sports start up.

Show Us Your Tool: This activity wasn’t nearly as vulgar as it sounded. A large number of members chipped in and told the group about the goodies they have discovered that makes life easier. Thanks to everyone who joined in.

Contest Night 1Q09: We held the first installment of the BPMS quarterly contest. Don’t worry about the results; we don’t crunch the numbers until the end of the year after the next three installments. There’s plenty of time to rack up more votes.

Loss of a Founder: Founding member of the BPMS, Joe Turner (IPMS #90!), passed away days before the January meeting. We raffled off donations from our VP, Israel, and the Trez, Jeff, and generated some money for trophy packages in Joe’s honor. We’ll, likely, be holding another raffle in March since we’ve gotten Joe’s name on some awards. Any donations of kits from the members for the cause would be greatly appreciated. Bring money for tixx.

You can see pics from each meeting either at the Club Website or on Gordon’s blog:


On the agenda: March

Decal Swap Night: This one is pretty easy, bring in decals to swap or sell. You might want to bring some cash as you never know when someone might have that sheet you’re looking for.
Well-Marked Theme Display: This will be first theme night of 2009. Just bring in something with decals and maybe think about a couple words you might tell the group about it. If you want to speak about any step of the decal process, please be prepared and we can arrange it!
Meeting date: March 20th, 2009

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