Monday, February 15, 2010

Bulletin: February 2010

by Bobby P
January was an impressive first meeting of 2010 with 28 members and 3 guests who brought in 40 models.

January Meeting
ANNUAL AWARDS CEREMONY: The numbers were crunched, and here are your winners:
1st: Frank Tripoli
2nd: Hugh Alcock, Frank Colucci,
Guy Ferrara, Charlie Nelson
3rd: Kevin Batterman
HM: Phil Benson, Tony Gray, Ray Whitton

1st: Frank Tripoli
2nd: Kevin Batterman
3rd: Kevin App
HM: Vladimir Belyaer

1st: Kevin App
2nd: Ray Keegan
3rd: Guy Ferrara
HM: Howell Serkin

1st: Mike Crescenzo
2nd: Phil Benson
3rd: Hugh Alcock
HM: Russ Holcomb, Ray Keegan,
Charlie Nelson

Sci Fi
1st: Jeffrey Eng
2nd: Israel Alvarado
3rd: Phil Benson
HM: Russ Holcomb

1st: John Magno
2nd: Ray Keegan
3rd: Vinny Rosati
HM: Kevin Batterman, Jeffrey Eng

Most Popular:
1Q: Vinny Rosati – Saturn 5
2Q: Jeffrey Eng – Battlestar Pegasus
3Q: Phil Benson – Xebec – “Achilles”
4Q: Kevin Batterman – M-36 Jackson

Top Gun Award: Frank Tripoli

SIZE MATTERS THEME CONTEST: A great turn out! We had 24 entries on the tables for the JOE TURNER MEMORIAL THEME CONTEST! The winners:
1st Kevin App, Frankenstein monster
2nd Jeff Eng: Godzilla “1984”
3rd Howell Serkin: E-100
HM: Russ Holcomb, Ray Keegan, John Irwin, Mike Crescenzo, Phil Benson, Israel Alvarado, Vinny Rosati.
Teenie Weenie itsy Bitsy Award: Vinny Rosati
I can’t believe you built the whole thing! Award: Phil Benson

The awards by our master craftsman Ed Dietrich were gorgeous as always. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, and thanks to the sponsors, without whom there would be no contest.

You can see pics from each meeting either at the Club Website or on Gordon’s blog:

On the agenda: February
: This will be the first installment of the annual contest. If you built something new for the theme contest, you’re invited to bring if back for the annual contest. There’s no better time to get started accumulating some votes toward the TOP GUN!

MODEL PLEDGE: Pledge to build a model in 2010 and if you get it done you will get extra super raffle tickets. We got 13 members making pledges in January. Please make a choice and bring it in for the meeting and get on the list. Find more details in this Bulletin.

SHOW US YOUR TOOL: Not as vulgar as it sounds, I assure you! Bring in your unusual tools, supplies, materials, basically your weapons of choice that you use in this hobby. If you have a method that you’d like to share, feel free to bring in what you have and be prepared to tell the group a couple words about it.

T-SHIRTS: Charlie found a place that can make us up some logo shirts and showed us a nice design. We started taking orders last month at $13 a pop.

Meeting date: February 19, 2010

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