Monday, November 15, 2010

Bulletin: November 2010

by Bobby Pokorny
October was a good month. We had 26 members and 3 guests who brought in 15 models.

October Meeting
WIP NIGHT: We had a couple WIPs on the tables, but, in general, not too many, so we had everyone tell the group a couple words about their models. Educational!

NOMINATIONS: Hmm, what? After two years as Veep Israel turned down the nomination for President. Charlie Nelson has accepted the nod to become the next Vice-President, but we will find out in November if Prez Keegan will hang onto his job a little longer. Stay tuned!

NEW MEMBER: He came to three meetings, brought in finished models and accepted the nomination to become a member. JOE BERGMAN joined the ranks of the BPMS when he was voted in as a member in October. Welcome to the fold!

HOLIDAY DINNER: Okay, mark DECEMBER 7th on your calendar for the Holiday Dinner. We’ll be headed back to the restaurant we went to last year:
(Czech / German Food)
2027 Emmons Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11235
Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 @ 7:00 PM

GUESTS: It pays to have the websites up because we seem to continue attracting interested parties to the meetings. I think we should have a couple guys up for nomination in November!

On the agenda: November
CONTEST NIGHT – 4Q10: Okay, this is your final shot at racking up votes for the annual contest. You can bring in anything that hasn’t been to a BPMS Quarterly Contest previously.

SUPER RAFFLE: This is possibly the biggest BPMS event of the year. For each model you complete you are entitled to ONE TICKET in the Super Raffle. You can’t buy your way into this one in any way! If you finished your Model Pledge you get EXTRA credits for that. So this month the prolific are rewarded. Makes you want to hit the work-bench harder next year, huh? Also this is a good time to consider if you will want to make donations. If you have models, books, DVDs, etc. that you’d like to throw in, please bring them to the NOVEMBER meeting. Thanks in advance!

MODEL PLEDGE: Confused? That’s okay. Just bring in your completed model pledge for the November meeting in order to qualify for the extra Super Raffle tickets. It’s that easy! Be sure to let Jeff or me know that you DID bring it in, okay? Writing “PLEDGE” on your kit slip would be a great help! Thanks!

T-SHIRTS: The first wave of shirts arrived a couple months ago. The BPMS blue and white never looked better! Our t-shirt artist came up with another concept that we’re taking orders for now too. Logo on the left-side of the chest, with two options! Ask about it at the meeting. Approx. $10 a pop.

You can see pics from each meeting on the Photo-Blog:

Our next meeting will be on November 19, 2010.
Same time, same place!

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