Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bulletin: December 2010

by B2

November was a good month. We had 26 members and 2 guests who brought in 26 models.

November Meeting
HELLO MR. PRESIDENT: In a move never seen during my years with the BPMS, we “convinced” Don I. that we could use his charismatic personality to lead the group for a couple years. He accepted the nod and we have a new Prez starting in January. Charlie Nelson will be the Veep. We’re looking forward to having the new team up front!

CONTEST NIGHT – 4Q10: This was the final installment of the BPMS Annual contest. Did you take one last shot for the year? At the time of this printing the numbers have already been crunched for the year and the awards should be ready for the December meeting!

SUPER RAFFLE: Howie S. was our top builder of the year and had a good chunk of the 210+ Super Raffle tickets we handed out. Chances of winning some of the goodies were about 50%, which are great odds. Build more in 2011 for more chances to win stuff!

2010 MODEL PLEDGE: We ended up the year with about a third of the pledges completed. That’s not bad for the first year. We’re refining the concept for next year.

NEW MEMBERS: They came to three meetings so we put it up for nomination. Joining the ranks of the BPMS are Seamus B. and Tomasz K. Welcome to the fold!

HOLIDAY DINNER: Went off GREAT! We had a huge turn out and the food was great. What else can you ask for? 

GUESTS: It pays to have the websites up because we seem to continue attracting interested parties to the meetings. I think we should have a couple guys up for nomination in October!

You can see pics from each meeting either here or on the Photo-Blog: http://gmobile17.blogspot.com/

On the agenda: December
THINGS THAT STING THEME: Finally upon us! The Theme contest is THIS MONTH. Bring in your entries. See details HERE.

HOLIDAY DESSERTS: The December Meeting is open for your partners, significant others, gf’s, etc. Anyone who wants to bring in cakes, cookies, chips, or any other treats, feel free to do so. Thanks in advance!

Meeting date:
December 17, 2010
Same Time - Same Place

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