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Bulletin - January 2012

T H E  M I N U T E S
by Bobby Pokorny
December was a great meeting with an amazing showing to close out the 2011. We had 29 members and 1 guest who brought in a 27 models for the theme contest.

December Meeting
MONOGRAM THEME CONTEST: We had a great showing for the contest. Winners will be announced at the next meeting.

DINNERS AND ANNIVERSARIES: We continued discussions regarding the 40th Anniversary Celebration. We’re leaning towards the 56th Fighter Group, like we did 10 years ago.

AWARDS & HOLIDAY DESSERTS: First things first, on December 6th we held our annual Holiday Dinner. We had over a dozen members congregate at Sweik in Brooklyn. We were as pleased with the food and drink as we’ve been for years now.
Then came the December meeting. We had the MONOGRAM THEME CONTEST, which had a great showing. More details below.

We had the results of the annual contest. So here are the winners as YOU voted for them!
HM: Richard Berner, Tomasz Kalata, Frank Tripoli
3rd: Frank Colucci
2nd: Hugh Alcock
1st: Charlie Nelson

HM: Joe Bergman, Kosta Lukyano
3rd: Ed Johnson, Howell Serkin
2nd: Bob Epley
1st: Frank Tripoli

HM: Ed Johnson, Bill Murphy
3rd: Kamila Lukyano
2nd: Bob Elpey
1st: Joe Bergman

HM: Ed Johnson
3rd: Charlie Nelson
2nd: Phil Benson
1st: Bill Murphy

HM: Bill Murphy
3rd: Hugh Alcock
2nd: Gordon Cheung
1st: Ray Keegan

3rd: Phil Benson
2nd: Kevin App
1st: Joe Bergman

1Q: Tomasz Kalata – Brewster Buffalo
2Q: Hugh Alcock – Spitfire Mk I
3Q: Joe Bergman – Big Creech
4Q: Joe Bergman – Monster Scene
Tomasz Kalata – P-39D-1BE Airacobra


On behalf of the BPMS, I would like to thank all the members who participated in the contests, sponsors of the theme contests, members who contributed to the desserts, etc. Without members pitching in and helping out, the club couldn’t exist.

You can see pics from each meeting either at the Club Website or on the Photo-Blog: http://gmobile17.blogspot.com/

On the agenda: January
MODEL PLEDGE 2012: The pledge worked out pretty well in 2011, so we’re starting it up again. Remember, it’s NOT a contest, we’re only trying to inspire more members to build! Details below.

KIT SALE: Bring models to sell or trade. You might want to bring some money too. You never know what might show up on the block!

2012 MODEL PLEDGE: It seemed that we kept the concept entirely too loose for members tastes last year so we tightened them up a little in 2011 and it was a success. Just bring in an unbuilt model between January and March 2012 to declare as your pledge model. Please have it finished for the OCTOBER MEETING, for a display. After October you may bring back your pledge for the November meeting for the last contest of the year. For your efforts you get an additional FIVE Super Raffle tickets for completing your pledge! Sweet! Easy enough!

As we enter 2012, there are some things that I would like to say. I couldn’t be more proud to continue being an officer for this fine organization especially with such a major milestone as our 40th anniversary is coming up. So I’m sponsoring the first Theme contest of the year to mark just that. If anyone wants to join me, feel free to contact me.

TECHNOLOGY. I mentioned last month that it appears more of our members are connected to modern technology than ever before. I mentioned that while dues have barely gone up since the inception of the BPMS, everything else in the world has. I suggested that members could help save the club money by getting all the club news from our website. All the news from this Bulletin also appears about a week before the club meeting on the site. If you want to take that route, you can speak to Jeff or me, as we do the mailings.

CONTEST CATEGORIES. Last month I was asked about dioramas. Dioramas are a hot spot for discussion in any contest. What exactly makes a diorama? The rule I’ve always quoted from IPMS is, “One or more models depicted in a scene that tells some story.” For the purpose of the BPMS, we only have five categories and we keep them loose for interpretation. If you build a diorama that fits neatly into one of the other categories (Air, Armor, Figures, Sea, Sci-Fi) you can feel free to place it in that category. If you feel it doesn’t fit in any of the above, we have Miscellaneous. Our contest structure has worked so well over the years because it’s so relaxed. Remember, anytime you have a question on anything, feel free to speak with any of the officers or senior members. We’re all happy to assist!

May 2012 be a banner year for the BPMS! Go build a model!

Our next meeting will be on
JANUARY 20, 2012
Same time, Same place!

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