Thursday, January 02, 2014

Asian Invasion Theme Contest - June 20, 2014

The Asian Invasion Theme Contest is a tribute to Asians of the world. From commercialism to military power, Asians had influenced the world just as much as any other country and nation. Our theme contest will reflect how Asians made themselves known in the world through history, current events, products, etc. with scale models.

To clarify our definition of “Asian” for the theme contest, the word does not refer to people residing in the continent of Asia. Instead, it refers to ethnic groups residing in North East Asia (Excluding Russians as their origins are European), East Asia, and South East Asia. Our theme contest will focus on scale models representing Asians from their respective countries of the three mentioned regions of Asia. 

The following is the list of countries that are Asian: 

Types of scale model entries accepted for the theme contest:

Non-Fictional Military and Real Space

  • Any non-fictional scale military and real space models (including military figures) that bares the flag, insignia, or markings of an Asian Country.
  • There are some models that do not have visible markings of their respective country. For models of this nature, entry will be accepted as long as the model represents a military power that is made and used by its respective Asian country.

Non-Fictional Models

  • Any non-fictional scale models representing a brand from an Asian company. Examples: Scale car models of a Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc. or scale motorcycle of a Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, etc.
  • Any non-fictional scale models of Asian figures, buildings, monuments, etc. Examples: Scale model of Bruce Lee, Japanese temple, Great Wall of China, etc.

Mythical, Fictional, and Sci-Fi

  • Any scale models of mythical, fictional and Sci-fi from Asian culture or creation. Examples: Scale model of mythical beast and monster such as Chinese dragon. Scale models of figures, robots, space ships, etc. from anime, manga, fictional live shows, etc.

Simple enough! Contact the sponsors with any questions. Otherwise, get building and have fun!

Theme Sponsors:

  • Gordon
  • Jeff

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