Monday, August 12, 2019

BULLETIN: August 2019

BPMS Bulletin

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

JULY meeting brought out a healthy number of members despite being fine summer weather. We had 24 members and one guest who brought in 21 models.

July Meeting

BASIC SKILLS - FINISHES: The group was treated to a discussion hosted by Frank Colucci. He discussed methods he uses to achieve gloss and flat finishes on his aircraft models. Thanks for the educational clinic! We were also treated to some words from President Tom. He discussed his research and curious finding regarding interior colors for his Hellcat model project. HINT: It was wartime, they used anything they could!

DECEMBER THEME CONTEST: With NASA in the history books we can look forward to the December theme contest: D-Day to Battle of the Bulge: The 75th Anniversary. Find contest details on the final page of this Bulletin. Sponsored by Tom Knoll and Bobby Pokorny.

raffle: We had another fun raffle this month. We’ll likely have another for August.

On the agenda: AUGUST

PIZZA NIGHT: Possibly one of the top favorite BPMS annual activities. PIZZA! Just be paid up to date on your dues and you can eat all you like. We ask members to please avoid bringing guests for this meeting.

CONTEST NIGHT – 3Q19 The year is just moving along. It’s time for the third installment of the quarterly contest. This would be a good time to rack up some more votes for your annual totals. Remember, if you built something for the theme contest that has never been to a quarterly contest before, feel free to bring it back!

raffle: We had another fun raffle this month. We’ll likely have another for August. 

 Meeting date:
August 16, 2019

Same time,
same place!

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