Saturday, November 07, 2020

11/5/20 BPMS Zoom meeting report and a socially distanced model show

Fifteen people attended the meeting. For weeks, we've been wondering when in-person shows will resume. Some say this October, some say next year. But that wasn't good enough for the dedicated and creative modelers of the Hudson Valley Club, so they organized a small, outdoor show. Pictures of the venue, models, winners and awards are attached. Safety protocols and judging rules are also attached, in case you want to host your own Covidcon. Thanks, Marc. Only one new release, a 1/350 USS Birmingham from Very Fire. In progress and completed work included: F 106, Delorian (with flux converter), Offshore Oil Platform, Corsair, Hurricane, Panther A. There were some interesting aircraft acquisitions: Edgley EA 7 Optica, Victory 357 Ekranoplan, B36 (1/144). The Tool Demonstration featured the DISPAIE STA single blade nipper, when to use it and, equally important, when not to use it. The blade is thin and is intended for fine work only. And while we didn't have an actual demonstration, several people talked about using ac/usb powered miniature rotary tools. They're lightweight, relatively inexpensive and widely available. These demonstrations generate a lot of useful information. I hope we're able to do them on a regular basis. The meeting ended with a clinic on preparing 3D printed resin and monofilament parts. We saw and discussed clean up, priming and assembly techniques. Next meeting is Nov 12 at 8 pm. Invites to follow. Speaking of meetings, you may have noticed that Thanksgiving is on Thursday (duh) and so is Christmas Eve. Since these are traditional family holidays and since BPMS is a family friendly club, I suggest we skip the meetings for those two weeks. Thursday New Year's Eve is another matter. You can have plenty of family time between the end of the meeting and the ball drop. Just saying. See you next week.


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