Monday, June 14, 2021

6/10/21 meeting report: Weathering with Pencils

A surprisingly light turnout, nine people. No new releases reported. 
In industry news, Squadron is up and running. They're not backordering items, but they'll get back to you when the item is available and see if you're still interested. If you order something from them, let us know about your experience. 
After a few words about corporate swag and the ability of gun oil to remove corrosion and the tendency of WD-40 to degrade over time and damage plastic, Kosta shared his photos of tanks, aircraft and weapons from the recent show in Redding. He told us a full-size replica of the Santa Maria will be in Greenport, Long Island, June 17th -23rd and open to visitors from the 18th -22nd ($15.00,10am-8pm). Mark continued the nautical theme. Model Con 2021 will be held on the Battleship New Jersey on Aug 7, 2021. He also wants to cross the Delaware to see the USS Olympia and maybe the SS United States. Contact Kosta and Mark directly for details. For the landlubbers, in Hudson Massachusetts, The American Heritage Museum's Father's Day Weekend has tanks, aircraft and vintage cars on display. I sent a link earlier. 
In progress and completed work included: Hawker Typhoon (more on that later), Thor Missile (Glencoe's nice re-pop of the 1958 Adams kit), BM-13 Katyusha, Panzer 4-D, Stryker, Matilda and Moon Bus. Acquisitions included: Modelcollect's 1/72 Land Battleship detail kit, Academy's 1/144 B-52 H ( it's not the Pit Road kit) and Hobby Boss' 1/35 Land-Wasser-Schlepper. A few guys noticed Aliexpress is a good source for inexpensive stencils for airbrushing. They also noticed many of these stencils show up on eBay at significantly higher prices. Just saying. Bobby recalled a tip from early BPMS member Joe Turner, glue wet/dry sandpaper to a cafeteria type tray (with a rim), add water and sand without messing up your workbench. 
 For the Weathering with Pencils talk, Gil demonstrated several options: water color pencils from AK (wet the pencil, dab the model, spread with swab), soft pastel pencils from Koh-I- Nor Gioconda (not good over gloss coats), woodless color pencils from Koh-I-Nor Progresso, Prismacolor pencils and the good old #2 Ticonderoga (which works best on lighter colors). Markers, calligraphy pens and technical pens will be topics for another day. Remember the Hawker Typhoon? Good thing Vaughn took photos of the cockpit details, because no one can see them once the fuselage is assembled. We've all had similar experiences. Let's talk about it at the next meeting 6/17/21 at 8 pm. Hope you can make it.

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