Friday, August 20, 2021

Aug 19, 2021 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Fourteen people attended the meeting. Lou reports Kitty Hawk is back although he didn't have any details. If you hear anything, let the Club know. Several new releases from Trumpeter: 1/144 H6-K Bomber, 1/700 RN Type23 Frigate, 1/350 Tirpitz and 1/35 L 4500A with Flak 37. The pizza lunch was well attended and introduced some of us to clams as a pizza topping (a Staten Island thing?). A few people actually got away from their workbenches. Frank went to a Nostalgia Show and was pleasantly surprised by a collection of vintage spacecraft models. Don and Rommel are at the IPMS National Convention (more later). Mark shared photos from a ship model show on the USS New Jersey and from the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome: Sopwith Pup, Albatros D. Va, Curtiss Pushers (A and D) , Fokker D VIII, Hanriot, Ryan NYP (Spirit of St Louis), This led to an interesting discussion on early aviation: fuel systems, rotary engines, flight characteristics, engine lubrication, the real reason WW1 pilots wore long scarves and who got parachutes and who didn't. In progress and completed work included: USS Susquehanna hull (Steve is fixing another modeler's paint job), BM 13 Katyusha, S-56 (La commedia e finita!! ), 2 T-6 Texans (Spanish and South African markings), 72 Pontiac GTO (with nail polish over Model Car World lacquer paint), P-47, Airspeed Oxford and 2 Black Falcons (Bob's is finished, mine ain't). Acquisitions included: Houndstooth (from Empire Strikes Back), 76 Chevy Sport Stepside Pickup and 77 Ford Coca Cola Delivery Van. Don's first day impressions of the Convention were positive for the most part - it's a long walk from the hotel area of the venue to the event area. The display room is big, but not as big as Chattanooga. The vendors' room is large and prices are good. Manufacturers are there, showing off new kits and collecting wish lists. Don has promised to take lots of pictures and post them using the group mailing list. Consider this a reminder, Don. That goes for you too, Rommel (but seriously, have a good time at the Convention and have a safe trip home). The next meeting is 8/27/21 at 8 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there.

Bob has pointed out that the Car World Model lacquer paint is on the South African T-6 (the florescent red/orange) not under the nail polish. The nail polish is over gray automotive lacquer primer. Thanks for keeping me honest, Bob.  

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