Saturday, August 14, 2021

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Aug 12, 2021

Pizza lunch is TODAY, 8/14/21 at Denino's Pizzaria & Tavern, 524 Port Richmond Ave, Staten Island at 12:30 pm. Hope you can attend, especially if you haven't been able to make the zoom meetings.
1803, Lewis and Clark Expedition. 1989, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. 2021, Don and Rommel at the IPMS National. Have a good trip, guys and remember- what's bought in Vegas shouldn't be left in Vegas.
Fifteen people attended the meeting. Two of them are going to Las Vegas for the National convention. Hopefully they'll be able to make a live report at next Thursday's meeting. New releases from Zvezda, TOR M2 SA15 Gauntlet (1/35), Soviet M-72 motorcycle with sidecar and crew (1/72) and WW2 British HQ figures (1/72). In progress and completed work included: Panzer 4, T-34/76, Hawker Hurricane, Swordfish, Zero, Discovery One (even in 1/350, over 40 inches long), Terminator T-800 (1/2 scale, with electronics. No body armor yet, but Joe's working on it.), F-4B Phantom ( with construction photos), MiG 25 ( look for it in Las Vegas), Saab J-21 (with a lot of weight in the nose), S-56, DUKW, Merkava 4, German Tugboat and Black Falcon. An interesting acquisition, 3D printed landing gear from a new start up. We saw a set for a Su-27. Each strut is a single piece including tire, hydraulic/electric lines. clamps, etc. Not widely available yet. The company is (maybe?) Detail Wonder. Kosta shared photos of Rhinebeck Aerodrome's replica Spirit of St Louis. He has plenty more, exterior and interior. Contact him directly if you're looking for references. Here's Gil's formula for acrylic paint thinner from last week (sorry for the delay): 1/2 cup Distilled water,1/4 cup of 91% alcohol,10 drops of Liquitex flow aid additive or Golden wetting agent,10 ml of retarder. You need to know that formula to use the tip of the evening, making liquid acrylic paint from tube acrylic paint. Use a meat injector syringe with a clear body and visible measurements to remove say, 10 ml of paint from the tube, transfer it to a small jar (back to the dollar store, 5 small screw top glass jars for $1.00) add thinner (start with a 2 to 1 ratio) and mix. Try mixing our own colors. The visible measurements make it easy to replicate results. One tube makes a lot of liquid paint. The featured topic was files. Store them separately and clean them with brass wire brushes or crepe rubber blocks (also good for cleaning sandpaper). Good files, including glass files, are available at nailcare centers and, because they don't have the word "hobby" in their name, they are reasonably priced. While you're there, look for a 7-step sanding stick, it costs $1.00. The next meeting is 8/19/27 at 8pm (5pm Las Vegas time). Invites to follow. Hope to see some of you tomorrow, more of you Thursday and all of you before long.

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