Monday, January 10, 2022

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: January 6, 2022 Report

Fifteen people attended our first meeting of 2022 which, I believe, was our 90th virtual meeting. Amazing! Equally amazing, Gordon joined us for the first time. Hopefully we'll see more of him and his work in future. Frank is working (a polite way to put it) with the new IPMS software to renew the BPMS charter. Vaughn is having a similar experience with his renewal. In industry news, Scalemates' 1/6/22 list of new releases is worth reading and ICM is coming out with two versions (cargo and daisy cutter) of the CH 54 Skycrane in 1/35. The holidays and other obligations seem to have cut into most people's model building time. Even so, we saw some more in progress and completed work: Arma's 1/72 P-51 B/C Mustang (highly recommended), Eurocopter Tiger, SAAB J-21, M-60, Soviet soldier figures, MiG-25 and Garden Tractor. Acquisitions included: 1/72 Hawker Hurricane 2C, 1/144 JASDF F-35 A and 1/144 aircraft ordnance set (including daisy cutter). Rather than showing his models this week, Igor shared photos of aircraft on static display - MiG-29, Mi-24 Hind, Su-34, Tu-144 cockpit, and his homebuilt ultralight. Thanks, Igor. The tool was a set of silicone radial bristle discs for polishing metal. Not suitable for plastics. There was a last-minute change in the featured topic. We shared tips on taking better pictures of our models and discussed digital camera v. smartphone camera, cropping, natural light, Light box, infinity backgrounds, Photoshop and Lightroom. The next meeting is 6/13/22 at 8pm. Invites to follow. Hope you can make it.

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