Monday, March 21, 2022

03/17/2022 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report

Twelve people attended the meeting. Revell's 1/48 SR-71 A is available. It was reported that Ukrainian companies Mini Art and ICM are shut down but Micro Mir and Master Box remain in production. In fact, Master Box announced a new figure, "Ukranian Soldier, Defense of Kyiv, March 2022" in 1/24 and 1/35. The Squadron website has some ICM kits and Kevin found sources for Micro Mir and Master Box ,  https://ua-modelkits.com/ -Kyiv and  https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/modelsales_ua/m.html... - Dnipro.  No date yet for returning to the Community Center.  In person shows are coming back. Replicon 2022 is 3/26/22 at the Freeport Rec Center, Mosquito Con is 4/2/22 in Wayne NJ and Noreast Con is 4/29-30/22 in Latham NY. In progress and completed work (much of it green, in keeping with the evening's theme) included: BMP-1, FW-190 D, T-55, z-95 (Star Wars), Cthulhu, Creature from the Black Lagoon as a tadpole, in a specimen jar, Man Thing, Darby O'Gill figure, Lancaster B (1/48 from HK Models - Steve likes it), JU-87 (Italian markings), M-10, a different Cthulhu,  Ju-287 (from Planet Models - Don was surprised by how quickly he got replacement parts from Poland),  Lincoln Futura Concept Car,  T-34, Mig-29 (Korean markings), RF-4 E, F-104 (Canadian markings), Bf-109, M24 Chaffee and Destroid Monster. Acquisitions included: SLT-56 & Leopard 2 A7, Russian Army Tank Transporter, T-80 B (from Modelcollect - for inspiration, Jimmy recommends looking up Alex Clark's 1/72 work online), WW2 German infantry, armor accessories, Hellbaby (that's Hellboy as a baby, in case you were wondering) and decals for panzers and for Greek aircraft. The tools of the week were ceramic tipped burrs for rotary tools. Unlike metal burrs they don't heat up so they don't clog up (good when working with resin). They come in various shapes but they're all on 3/32" shafts. We closed out the meeting with painting tips - marbling, color modulation,  weathering (  https://youtu.be/sjpS9N3MIw8 is recommended by Kevin). Gil reminded us the SharpenAir needle tool can repair most bent airbrush needles. Last tip, Teflon tape wrapped around the threads of an air hose prevents leakage. Beeswax on the threads works well, too. Next meeting is 3/ 24/22 at 8 pm.  Frank C will host and will send the invites. Enjoy the first day of Spring.
I know towards the end of the meeting Frank asked about marbling with the primer before the top  coats. I started painting  the top coats for the Lancaster tonight and you can see some by side with the marbling. Happy to talk more through it on Thursdays meeting.



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