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BPMS Zoom Meeting 3/24/22 Report

BPMS Meeting Report 3/24/22

Thirteen people attended the BPMS on-line meeting. Especially welcome was our own Capt. Vinny well on the mend from his fall on January ice. There has been no decision on our return to the Bergen Beach complex.
The topic of the evening was panel highlighting, and there are lots of ways to do it. Steve N. showed the pre-shading he’s doing on his big HK Models Lancaster. An overall coat of black Gunze Mr. Surfacer 1500 gets irregular patches of Tamiya neutral gray to ‘marble’ areas that pop out under very thin coats of AK interactive camouflage colors. Applying gray to the center of panels makes them stand out from the black edges. Frank C showed how other modelers use white ‘squiggles’ over black primer to achieve a similar effect. Don I. uses AK interactive masks to create the ‘marbled’ surface under camouflage.

Pre-shading is not the only way to accentuate panels. Bobby P. suggested bathing the entire model in thin dark washes. Mark N. post-shades with lighter colors sprayed in the center of panels to create highlights. Alternatively, pin-washes of oil colors or a thin wash of Mona Lisa oil paints to pick out panel lines on painted surfaces. In the other direction, Mark also suggested spraying a very, vin thin overcoat of finishing varnish tinted with buff to ‘tone down’ contrasting camouflage colors. “If you think you need to stop, you’ve gone too far.” Kevin K. uses a similar matte coat tinted with dark sand to ‘level things out.’

Kevin showed off his beautifully finished Star Wars Headhunter fighter from a 1/72-scale garage-industry resin kit. Don I. finished his 1/72 Horton VII flying wing from the Planes Models resin kit and the forward-swept, four-jet Ju-287 from Planet Models. Work in progress included Bob K.’ Amodel Yak 28, Joe B’s Italeri Alfa Romeo 823 roadster, in 1/18 scale, and Frank C’s A-7P Corsair II.

There was no new kit report, but Kevin K showed images of a new MikroMir book, Models for Ukraine, available on-line to support humanitarian relief efforts. Joe. B. had home-grown and European versions of the new 1/48 scale SR-71 from Revell. He also had the had the 1/32 Great Wall Hobbies Curtis Hawk Flying Tiger. Gil had an armored angel from Mineworks Miniatures. Tool Tips included a brush stand that lets cleaned brushes dry bristles-down.
The next meeting is Thursday, March 31, at 8 PM. Invite to follow.


Re: The Models for Ukraine book - the link can be found here:

From the site: THE FULL PROFITS FROM THIS BOOK will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee

Ukraine Appeal to help refugees and civilians in the Ukraine.

Respectfully submitted, Kev K.



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