Saturday, September 10, 2022

09/06/2022 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting

The Sept. 6 BPMS meeting on-line drew 12 participants, 11 of whom overcame a Zoom mystery or operator inexperience at the end of Part 1 to re-join the conversation for Part 2.
Bobby P. took advantage of his trip to Dallas, Texas to meet our long-lost pandemic partner Bill for real. The hope is Bill will re-join our on-line group during regular Tuesday Zoom meetings.
Our Deja-vu All Over Again theme proved a disappointment – most BPMS members rarely build the same kit more than once. That said, Frank C. showed six ESCI F-104s and seven Italeri F-5s in different national markings, proving insanity can make you do the same thing over and over with different outcomes.
Kevin showed off his bust of Black Krrsantan, the Wookie bounty hunter from the Star Wars universe and a beautiful Sasquatch bust modeled on a movie Big Foot.  Kevin’s new acquisitions included a two-piece rocket from Space Patrol and Unicraft 1/72 Vought ADAM ducted fan VTOL aircraft. Kevin has built the classic Hawk Vanguard satellite twice.
Vaughan showed progress with his 1/48 FW190 and shared some interesting historical background on the real aircraft -- the Butcher Bird was designed to be more rugged and survivable than the elegant Me109.  
Tony showed a two-tone 1956 Chevy work in process and remembered building two 1955 Chevys, the second a gift for a friend.
Mark showed some interesting historical images, including the wartime outdoor assembly line for the Lockheed P-38 and a B-29 “Stratovision” conversion with a big fold-down antenna mast to relay early television broadcasts.  Mark mentioned the Omaha National Convention included a “Gear-Up” category for airplane models on stands.
Gil had a 1/350 scale Seaview submarine in progress. His tool of the week was a diamond-coated wire from a coping saw, cut short to create a mini-file.  Gil admitted to building several Volkswagens in different versions for theme contests.
Gordon showed several new Gundam robot editions. 

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