Thursday, May 11, 2023

05/09/2023 BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting

Fourteen people attended the meeting. There's no Tuesday Zoom next week as the in-person meeting is Friday, 5/19/23. It will feature our second quarterly contest. Doors open around 6pm, and the meeting starts around 7:30 pm. For additional BPMS info, see the newsletter, which is in the mail. 

Lou reports three new releases from Takom, 1/35 M103-A1 and M103-A2 and 1/16 Ontos. Vaughan told us of a F-7U walk-around on the USS Midway website, Kosta told us the Kalmar Nyckel opened its sailing season in Wilmington, Delaware and Chuck recommended Lee Sims Chocolates on Staten Island (hey, there's more to life than plastic). Sweeden's S-Tank was the subject of our technical discussion.

In progress and completed work included: chupacabra, Frankenstein monster, Large Marge, an unidentified figure (Kevin is working on a new Speedpaint basecoat technique), 69 Dodge Daytona, VZ-9 Avrocar, several 1/144 C-47s and DC-3 in various markings, 73 VW bus, Eagle 1 (from Space 1999) and Sherman Calliope. Acquisitions included: Reskit aftermarket sets (shipments from Ukraine are moving well), SS United States (vintage kit, partially painted) and Silver Knight. Gil found a new tool. It's called an oil brush cleaner. Think of it as a toilet for paint brushes. Google it, when you see the image, you'll agree. 

The featured topic was paint brushes. We use all kinds, from the cheap, white handled ones from Testors to the costlier Windsor & Newton series 7 Kolinski sable brushes. We don't throw away damaged brushes because even stumps have uses. Kevin, and others, use larger sized brushes (like 10, 6, 1) as long as they have good points. Japanese style calligraphy brushes give good results, once you learn how they work (same goes for Nail Art brushes). Don recommends Jerry's Artarama as a good source for brushes. Brushes from Pisio were said to be good. 

Next meeting is in person on Friday the 19th. No invites necessary. Hope to see you there.

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