Thursday, August 03, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: August 1, 2023

Thirteen people attended the meeting. Several said they didn't get invites to recent meetings. It's not clear why it happened. If you don't get your invite by Tuesday morning, let Bobby, Frank C or me know and it will be re-sent.
Lou reports three Tamiya kits, 1/72 USAF F-35 A, 1/35 JGSDF 8 wheeled armored car and 1/24 GMA T-50 sports car are now available. Jimmy saw 3D printed masks for bomb tips in various sizes, which will be useful
Joe wanted us to know the Hudson Valley show will be Oct 28. Julio's "Modelers Meet-up" is Aug 12 at Pier 57, by the Hudson River, in Manhattan (see flyer on our Facebook page). Kosta is looking for a 1/43 3D printed Browning 50 cal mg. If you can help, contact him directly.
In progress and completed work included: Alien figure (Joe says the completed kit will be 4 feet tall), Kurt Russell and Norris figures (from The Thing), Gary Oldman figure (from Dracula), 3D printed APC (from Alien), F-14, B-58 (Frank will paint a natural metal finish) and Tradewind. Acquisitions included: Hawker Type 2, Il-2, Quick Boost tire stencils, Halcyon Drop Ship (from Alien), a pair of Super Mysetre (one kit, two planes) and a book on same.
This week's tool was a fountain pen ink syringe filler, a clean and efficient way to transfer and, maybe apply, inks. There were brief discussions on aircraft deicing boots, UFOs/UAPs and flying saucer kits, base coats for natural metal finishes, bulged tires for aircraft and what's the best time of day for building. The featured topic was tips for using yellow paint. Some use white as a base coat. Joe recommends a 1 to 2 mix of white and yellow as a base coat. Tan and certain flesh tones also work. Then there's the paint itself. Vallejo's yellow was said to be too transparent, while Citadel's was rich in pigment. Gil likes G-Paint (lacquer based) and Golden Paint (acrylic).
Next meeting is Tuesday, 8/8/23 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there.

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