Friday, August 25, 2023

8/22/23 BPMS Zoom Mini meeting report

Eleven people attended the meeting. The 8/18/23 in person meeting, being pizza night and the 3rd quarterly contest, was well attended. Photos are on the BPMS Facebook page. No new releases were reported but we heard about the forthcoming 1/32 Tie Fighter from Round 2.
Mark is working on a list of upcoming shows. Details to follow. Mark received a non-modeler's request for someone to repair their Tu-95 Bear, an inherited model with much sentimental value. Chuck can pick it up if someone agrees to make the repairs. Contact Mark and Chuck directly for details. 
If you missed out getting a BPMS shirt last time around, Gordon may order more in future, provided there's sufficient interest. 
In progress and completed work included: 63 Corvette (Paul started the Agora kit with the engine), Hawker Typhoon, FA-18 (Chuck used Mother's Magnesium and Aluminum polish to restore the canopy), Lego Ferrari, F-14, B-58 (Frank really likes the way Vallejo premium grade black label metallic paints look over a gloss black base coat), Tradewind and VW Type 87. Acquisitions included: Douglas 046 A (Kevin plans to recreate a moment in Staten Island history), Martin B-10 B, Mirage 2000 N and 53 Ford Coca-Cola pickup.
The featured topic was cleaning your models. There were stories of well-intentioned family members washing models in sinks or removing dust with a vacuum cleaner(ouch!). Most of us use soft brushes we've picked at craft stores, hardware stores, cosmetic counters or hobby stores/websites. Q-tips and Kleenex are also used. Gordon supplements his brushes with an electric Air Duster (kinda like a hairdryer). Air brushes aren't recommended for dust removal. Individual dust covers, either DIY or professionally built, are effective at keeping models clean. Or maybe you just want to put your model in a jar. Furniture type cabinets and barrister bookcases minimize dust accumulation but dust still gets in. Bobby recalled Mr. K covered his models with dry cleaners' plastic, replacing it when it got too dusty. Unusual, yes, but, Mr. K does have an awful lot of models to keep clean. 
The next meeting is Tuesday, 8/29/23 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. 

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