Friday, September 01, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: 08/29/2023

Fifteen people attended. Lou reports Trumpeter's 1/16 Sd Kfz 251 D is available. Gordon has been busy collecting and comparing sprue cutters. He'll document his findings in a future newsletter. Anticipating the discussion on display space, Kevin told us about the virtual museum on the Fantastic Plastic Models website. 
If you're looking for outdoor events, Kosta has two, Ukrainian Day,  on 9/10/23, at 195 Glenbrook Rd, Stamford, CT and, on 9/17/23, a Ukrainian festival at 90 Fleet St, Jersey City, NJ. Contact Kosta directly for details.
In progress and completed work included: Eurocopter Tiger (an Italeri kit with problems, although not as many as the real helicopter, according to Vaughan), Jersey Devil,  USS Greeneville, Pz 3, Pz 38t, Stout Skycar, Annular Monoplane 3, Nike Hercules, Ferrari 512 M (Mark was impressed by this Lego offering), B-58 and Tornado.
Acquisitions included: Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, B-10B decals, Eurocopter (a different manufacturer, with aftermarket parts and Air- Graphics decals), '40 Ford, '59 Surf Shark Cadillac, F-22 Raptor and F-2B (by way of Plaza Japan, one of Frank's favorite sources).
The topic was improving/maximizing display space. Lou suggested mounting in-flight aircraft on pedestals of different heights. Several guys keep their models in bins and only take them out for shows. Stackable, purpose-built display cases from Trumpeter and others are handy, but expensive. Basketball display cases are good for large figures/Gundams. Not attaching bases to models allows each to be stored separately, saving space. Vaughn built his 7' high, 4' wide, 18" deep cabinets from scratch and Ikea sells bookcases with glass doors. Wall mounted shelves can hold a lot. Mr. K says the shelves in his workroom hold about 1000 models (next zoom meeting, look for yourself). It was noted that glass shelves, as opposed to wood or metal, make it easier to see what's inside a display case. The most obvious approach is to build only smaller scale kits. But who wants to do that? 
Next meeting is Tuesday, 9/5/23 at 7:30pm. Invites to follow.  In the meantime, have a Safe and Happy Labor Day.

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