Sunday, August 13, 2023

Community Group Build at Pier 57, NYC: 08/12/2023

The Group Model Build organized by Julio occurred yesterday and was a huge success! The Daffodil Classroom at Pier 57 big, clean, well-lit and AIR CONDITIONED! It was relatively easy to get to, once you got through cross-town traffic. 

A huge THANK YOU to JULIO for organizing and getting this done!

We estimate that there must have been some 40 - 50 people in attendance during the course of the day. There appeared to be around a couple dozen models on the table covering many facets of the hobby. There were even a couple youngsters walking by the room and came in to inquire about the event. It's rewarding, potentially, to spark the interest of the next generation of model builders!  

Thanks to all the BPMS members who showed up to support this community event, Russ, Steven (& son), Tony, Kevin B, Jeff, Gordon, and Michael "Mido" from our BPMS Zooms. If I missed anyone, I am sorry, I didn't write any names down. 
~Bobby P 

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Submitted by Julio: 
Hey everyone!

Sorry I’m getting to this late, I always forget to check my email for days on end.

Thank you everyone that came to hang out, it was a blast. I’d definitely say the attendance was around 55 people or so, there was a little bit of musical chairs going on. There was also 27 models on display at the front of the room, all ranging from miniatures, to tanks, robots, giant robots and stuff in between.

I will probably host another one of these in a month and a half’s time. I’m currently reaching out to Bandai Spirits (formerly known as Bluefin Brands) to see if they can send me a case or two of some simple, beginner friendly models they use at events like Comic Con to get people interested. If it works out and I am able to get the supplies, I’d love to make the next event focused towards new modelers or potential new modelers, since down the line, they’ll be the life blood of our hobby. And if not, well, we’ll have a good time anyway.

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