Wednesday, November 08, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting: November 7, 2023

Fifteen people attended the meeting. No Zoom next Tuesday (11/14/2023), the in-person meeting is Friday, 11/17/23 at the Community Center. Doors open around 6, and the meeting starts around 7:30. It's (1) Super Raffle night, (2) the last quarterly contest of the year and (3) an opportunity to sign up for 12/2/23 holiday lunch at Nora's, 3019, Quentin Road, Brooklyn. See the BPMS Bulletin (mine arrived today) for more details. 
Lou reported AMT's 1/200 Aretmis-1 is available and Frank G reported a new Hobby Lobby opened on Staten Island, on Forrest Ave near Decker Ave. 
The Freeport Rec Center will host the L.I.A.R.S. (cars) show on 11/11/23. Mark shared photos of the Hudson Valley Show and a large show in Belgum. 
In progress and completed work included: Samuri Figure, Ghost of Christmas Past bust (Kevin's conundrum -paint it as a ghost or as an actor playing a ghost), M-3 Stuart, Merkava 4, C-130, Mr. Kim's Noodle Boat (Don's resin kit is rapidly becoming a scratch-built kit), P-47, 3D printed monster sea turtle, 1940 Ford pick-up and, from Vaughn's stash, Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIC (Revell-Smithsonian). Acquisitions included: Werewolf head, 3D printed Dagon, F3F Wildcat, M-12, Seversky J-9 and aftermarket USCG decals and railings (Mr. K is impressed by Trumpeter's 1/350 set) for the Burton Island kit. 
We talked about the times we've done the wrong thing. Stuff like modifying kit parts before our research is completed, overcoating a base coat with incompatible paint, attaching small parts too early in the build, not noticing "handed" parts until they're glued in place and incorrectly thinning acrylics for airbrushing. We review instructions thoroughly, but we often alter sequence of work as we see fit. Sometimes we come to regret it. We've gone wrong when the instructions are too complex, oversimplified or just plain illegible. Then there are the garage kits that come without instructions or pictures of the final build. So, even when you're not being told what to do, you can go wrong. 
Remember, our next meeting is Friday. Do the right thing and show up. 

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