Monday, March 14, 2005

March 2005 Bulletin

Our February meeting was another in a long string of successful meetings. We had 25 members and 3 guests bringing in 36 models.


A MOMENT OF SILENCE was observed for recently deceased member Lanny Reinish. Our sympathies go out to his family.

A PUSH TO BUILD MORE: Veep, Jimmy T. unveiled his new concept to help encourage the group to bring in more new models: The Resupply Raffle. In a nutshell, all new models of the evening with kit slips are qualified. Three winners are drawn, and in order allowed their choice of supplies up for grabs. We only ran it for the first time last month. We’ll see often we run it. Another plan is the “2 for 1” Night. At random, the officers will declare a meeting night to be 2 for 1, where you’d essentially get double credit that night for the super raffle. It won’t be announced in advance, so build and bring stuff in each month to keep your chances greater for this benefit.

MODEL OF THE YEAR COMPETITION: The numbers were crunched and the results were as follows:

Air: Kevin Batterman for his Corsair.

Armor: Kevin, again, for an M25 Tractor.

Figure: Bobby Pokorny for Yoda.

Sci-Fi: Jeff Eng for the Klingon Heavy Cruiser.

Sea: Adrian Davies for the HMS Warspite.

Misc: Ray Keegan for his Mad Max V8 Interceptor.

CONTEST NIGHT – 1ST QTR: This was the first installment of the annual contest for 2005. A lot of nice kits on those tables. This will be an interesting year.

SHOW US YOUR TOOL: Everyone’s favorite activity, and not nearly as vulgar as the name may let on. Some members gave us a glimpse into their toolbox and showed us a couple useful items. Thanks to those who participated.

On the agenda: March

MUCH ADO ABOUT DECALS: The march meeting will essentially an all about decals night. Bring in decals to trade, sell, or just unload and give away. We will be having a decal panel hosted by Kevin, Frank C, and Jimmy, butt hat doesn’t meant hat if you have any tips or tricks that you shouldn’t be prepared to offer the group a few words on the subject. Every pearl of wisdom is golden! Hmm. Golden pearls? What’s that about? At any rate the discussion will likely be animated and educational.


IN THE MOVIES: Ted and Phil are sponsoring “In The Movies” in for June 2005. Basically build something, ANYTHING from a movie. This in from the sponsors: The parameters of this contest have been nailed. There will be no category judging just first, second and third places with honorable mentions. This contest is wide open, so build a scene, a prop, or anything else that is recognizable from a movie. It can be Godzilla leveling Tokyo, a space battle from Star Wars, a scene from Apocalypse Now, a monster from a classic horror movie, a plane from Top Gun, a naval battle from Ben Hur, etc, etc. This should be fun, its up to your imagination. Get ready because June will be here soon!

REMINDER: We don’t have a theme for December yet. Do you want to sponsor something? A great concept brought up at teh last meeting was Cats. Contact the officers if you want to sponsor it or anything else for December.

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