Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Some words from the V.P.

Well, I would just like to say that so far I think the first two meetings of the year have gone pretty well. We have had a lot of kits displayed by our members and by several guests and I hope this trend continues throughout the year. We have also implemented what I will name the “Resupply Raffle.” For those of you who weren’t in attendance for the February meeting I’ll explain it. For every model you bring in you will receive a chance to win some simple staples of model building. For example, in February, Kay won some Tamiya putty, Dan took home a can of Tamiya spray paint (Dan, if they catch you tagging up the train with the BPMS logo, don’t tell them where you got the paint) and Nestor got a bottle of Tenex 7R. So, from now on if you’re running low on something, bring a model and maybe you can take home what you need. I’m going to try to put a survey in the bulletin so you can let us know what items you go through the most, be it paint, sanding supplies or knife blades. I would also like to spice up certain months for this raffle, mainly contest nights, but that needs further review.
Vinny also suggested that certain months we have a two for one night, meaning that say in April (just using April as an example) any models brought in will count double towards the super raffle.
Speaking of the super raffle, I mentioned trying to stream line it just a bit, maybe not quite as many rolls of masking tape and maybe a slightly higher quality of prizes. I don’t necessarily believe in the old Soviet proverb of “quantity has a quality all its own” but I do understand that the BPMS super raffle has a history that includes a fair amount of silliness. Anyway, since I started the idea of upgrading I will volunteer to donate what I consider a quality item, more on that come raffle time. Get some!! Get some!!
I would also like to thank Frank Colucci for his article on the Hasegawa 1/48th Harrier; he made a great looking model and followed that up with a great write up. Everyone keep your eyes open in the next few months as we should have some more great articles from our ranks. God Save the Queen! (Hint, hint)
So, these are just a few things that I wanted get out there and for you to think about. I hope that we can talk about it at the meeting and feel free to discuss these with myself or any other member of the Royal Council, just remember to bring us a cup of coffee and a donut before you do.

Jimmy T.


Anonymous said...

Just as in regard to the Resupply Raffle next month. It's almost a given, but I wanted to mention it anyways. Since it's decal night, I thought some of the raffle stuff should be decal related, like solutions 'n blank decal papers 'n stuff.
*shrug* Makes sense, no?

Bobby "the Blue" said...

Noted. I'll contact the other officers!