Thursday, March 17, 2005

Region 1 Update: Ides of March

Howdy folks,
Time for a short update.
The best news for today is that we have a host on deck for the 2006 version of Noreastcon. While I won't officially announce who they are until the business meeting in Rochester, I will tell you they've done this before, and have a new venue. Plus, they wrote up one of the nicest proposals I've seen as RC. Come to the business meeting to find out first!! My thanks go out to these guys, and you know how you are!!!
The folks in Rochester are working hard on this years event. By now I know the registration packages have been mailed to all our chapters. If your's didn't get any yet, let me know, and I see you get some. I need to pass along some info I received after the last update. Armand informed me the T-Birds won't be in the area that weekend after all. I guess we'll just have to look at great models all weekend!!! Anyway, I know they're still looking for sponsorships, so please consider helping them out.
Also, I'll be after the names and addresses of all that participate in judging, as a way to establish the start of our Regional Judges List. I know that everyone that has judged at the regional level won't be at Noreastcon. So I'll be asking for each chapter to submit a list of their members who have judged at either the regional, or national level for inclusion. Inclusion is strictly voluntary, and there won't be the judging police showing up checking ID's. But having a roster of regional level judges available for future Noreastcon's and local events couldn't have a negative impact. When we discussed it at last years business meeting, all that attended were in favor of it. I know I should have done more on this during the past year, but y'all know how real life invades our hobby time!!!!
Also, nominations for Region 1 Chapter of the Year, and Person of the Year are coming to a close March 30th. Time is running out on nominating that deserving person and your quality chapter. E mail me your nominations before the cut off date so you can be considered.
I hear from Associate Webmaster Dick Montgomery that he's looking for walk-around's and event pictures for the IPMS web site. One thing I always hear from you guys is what a cool museum you have near your home, or what great event your chapter hosted recently. Take some pictures of these things, and send them to Dick. Check out the web site for more detailed information on what format and stuff. But send him some stuff. Unfortunately, I don't have any cool museums down the street from my house. But if I did.........
I'm happy to report all Region 1 Chapters have renewed, and are current. Our numbers stay the same, with none dropping, but no new ones forming. I guess that's good, given our geographic location, and the current density of chapters.
Which brings us to the end of today's update. Please share this with the officers and members of your chapter.

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton

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