Friday, July 01, 2005

RC-1: Update 7/1/05

Hi everyone,

This just in from President Dave, the latest news from the home office!!!
I'd just like to add the nationals start in about two weeks!! There'll be more news after the show.
Please share this with the officers and members of your chapter. Thanks!!!!!

Semper Fi

Hi Everyone:

  • Less than a month until the greatest show in modeling, the IPMS/USA Atlanta Nationals and to say the least, it is going to be a really big show. The seminar schedule is up, the vendors are plentiful and DragonCon is right next door. There are new product announcements coming as well as kits available there first. Even if you can't make the entire show, it is worth a day just to buy browse and shop. Paul Cotcher and his crew have worked their tails off so stop by an tell them it is appreciated (it definitely is by the E-board)
  • On another note, we have a constitutional amendment out for vote. Easiest 2 minutes you can spend is to vote on the IPMS web page. We need about 650 votes to make it a legal election and we are well on our way. I can tell you that next year, you can expect many amendments which are in the development stage at this time and getting the necessary signatures.
  • Following this and at the same time the Nationals are occurring, there will be a vote for 2006-2007 officers. We have a single slate running but it is still your right to get out there and write in someone if you like.
  • That's it for me. If you want the nuts and bolts of the IPMS system, we will have it at the business meeting which is Sat at 9 AM in Atlanta. We'll post minutes after that.

John Noack- 1st Vice President

  • Continuing to monitor the status of the Congressional amendment to limit licensing fees on military models. Check the website for updates and contact information.
  • Reviews continue at a healthy pace, including our first multi-supplier review incorporating the Trumpeter USS Lexington with a host of aftermarket suppliers' products being used to upgrade and enhance the kit - watch for it at this year's National Contest. Similar mega-reviews are underway by other reviewers.
  • I will be meeting with new and existing industry contacts at the convention (and at DragonCon) to enlist their support for product reviews and Make and Take.

Ron Bell- 2nd Vice President

  • Atlanta keeps chugging on saying that they're going to be the biggest ever. They've had to expand their hotel block and things are pointing in the right direction.
  • I'm still waiting for the OC bid.
  • We did get the check from Phoenix. The show made approximately $4800. Financial report will be published soon. It is available for the OC bid.

Jack Kennedy- Director of Local Chapters

  • We have chartered 202 chapters. That is up from 200 last year. We lost a five and got seven new chapters.
  • We have instituted using National Contest Rules for regionals.
  • In the next few months we will be reviewing the possibility of forming a region 12 that will break R-5 into two regions to make it easier for the RC to have access to the chapters

MJ Kinney- Office Manger

  • V17J4 of the journal was sent out to 4,368 members - this number is down from the last journal by 69 members. There were 279 members that had not renewed their memberships as they expired with this issue. To date (6/24/05) we have 327 new members this year.
  • We are 6 weeks into voting on the amendment ballot and have 340 votes as of 6/24/05. We need to have 640 votes, either yes or no, to make this official. We urge everyone to either vote on line, mail their ballot found in the journal or drop a ballot in the box at the National Convention. We will have ballots at the National table at the convention.
  • The E-Board will be staffing the National table at the Convention along with your Office Manager. You are welcome to renew your membership at that time, encourage a modeler to join, or just stop by to say hello. We will have golf shirts, t-shirts, hats, decals, lapel pins and a new item "IPMS patches" for sale.
  • Any chapters needing insurance for their fall show should be thinking about getting the necessary information in so that the insurance coverage can be secured from the insurance company in a timely fashion

Glen Broman- Director of Foreign Liaison

  • Here's the June update: We have a new SIG: WarWheels, the new SIG for Armored car/Wheeled fighting vehicles. They have a great web page and a very motivated and enthusiastic SIG leader, Patrick Keenan. The contact information is at http://www.warwheels.net.

David Von Almen- Journal Editor

  • The Journal editor is now using the assistance of Paul Bradley and Chris Bucholtz to proof read. These two volunteers are already fast at work.
That's it for now, if you have any questions, please direct them to the RC's or me at dmorrissette@comcast.net

See you in Atlanta!!

Dave Morrissette
President, IPMS/US

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