Sunday, May 14, 2006

Final Noreastcon Update: 05/13/2006

From RC1:
Well boys and girls, in less than one week we'll all begin gathering for our premier Region 1 event, Noreastcon. I'm really looking forward to this years event, as I know our hosts have been working their collective butts into the dirt to make this one of the best ever.

This is the last time I'll mention sponsoring for the show, as this is the final update you'll see before the show. I hope every region 1 chapter saw fit to sponsor a category. As most of us run our own shows, and we know how critical it is to have help. It's not too late to sponsor something, and I'm sure someone can be found to take your money at the show.

Attached is a list I received from John Gisetto containing the items to be auctioned off. There are some very nice offerings to be had, and all proceeds will go to the Hobby's for Heroes program. For those that don't know, Hobby's for Heroes is the program set up to send models, supplies, and support to our troops in Iran and Afghanistan. Lets see the bidding get hot and heavy to support these folks.

The show begins this Friday, and will feature some very cool programs that evening. Saturday will see a continuation of the festivities, along with the Region 1 Business Meeting. Please make sure your chapter has someone as a representative present. I have a small but important agenda planned and will open the floor for comments, questions and what have you.

The Judges Meeting will also afford everyone an opportunity to get on the Region 1 Judges list. I admit I have to start from scratch as I lost all the data when my old computer decided to have kittens.

Until then, I hope everyone has a safe trip to Noreastcon, and see y'all next weekend for some fun!!
Semper Fi

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