Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bulletin: May 2006

The Minutes!!!

April was another fine meeting for 2006. 28 members brought in 12 models and 16 works in progress to a very busy meeting.


WORK IN PROGRESS NIGHT: Members brought in various works from their workbenches to share with the group. In this hobby, if you don’t have several things in various stages, then you’re not doing it right! So we were pleased to see so many models on the tables and the discussions about them.

PIZZA OR BBQ NIGHT? Well, we settled it. June shall remain Pizza Night, and we’ll be finding out for the May meeting whether or now burgers and hot dogs are possible for the August meeting. We’ll see how it goes.

MOSQUITOCON: We had a lively discussion about the show in NJ. I know I don’t usually mention the shows here, but there were some interesting details. A large number of members went and got together for lunch out there. Kinda sounded like the old days. And we even had some WINNERS at the show. I know Hugh won a couple (of course my notes are at home while I’m writing this in the office!) and Don wan too. Congrats guys!

MOVING ON UP! We noted how former BPMS member JACK KENNEDY is now the President of IPMS. It’s always great to hear about old members doing well. Congrats Jack!

On the agenda: MAY

CONTEST NIGHT This will be the second installment of the BPMS annual contest. This is the regular quarterly contest with the standard six categories that members vote on. Bring in your best work and be sure to have the proper paperwork filled out, otherwise it can’t get votes!

PAINT STRIPPING CLINIC: We’re back to our basic skills clinics, as we haven’t had one of these in a while. We have discussed how to build and all those stages, but what do you do when things go wrong? Kits are too expensive to smash these days. You will need to strip off your paint and Gordon, Russ, and I will have some pearls of wisdom to share with you on the matter.

REMINDER: Coming in June!!!

Worn, Weathered, & Working Theme: Hugh, Frank C. and Frank T. offered to sponsor a theme contest that commemorates the works of the late Captain Bart, items that show the rigors and abuses of regular (and not so regular) service. This can easily be applied to all aspects of modeling.

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