Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Totals for Support of FOB Speicher Model Group

1. I’d like to make up a “thank you” for our members to sign in recognition of Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day and send it to the model group at Speicher. Do either of you have a softcopy file of the BPMS logo/patch?

2. Regarding the totals below:

(a) I have more kits that the members have donated, but I like to check the parts against the instructions when there are loose parts and that takes time.

(b) Also, I can’t locate the customs form from the first shipment I sent and I know Frank sent a package on his own, so these are “at least” totals for the club. Pretty nice showing for two months.

3. This data is from an Excel spreadsheet, but the pie graph I generated from it probably wouldn’t reproduce well for the bulletin. I’ll provide a report at the meeting on Friday night. I have framed the certificate of appreciation from Speicher that Frank received and I will put that out on the table on Friday. I have collected all the e-mail correspondence and web news articles and will put that out on the table in a notebook, as well.

4. Items Provided to Model Group Speicher by the Brooklyn Plastic Modelers Society as of 16 May 2006.

Item & Total To Date
  • Model Kits: 33
  • Brushes: 10
  • Decal Sheets: 8
  • Glue (Containers): 22
  • Knives: 3
  • Magazines: 11
  • Paint (Bottles): 23
  • Putty: 1
  • Sandpaper/Sticks: 6
  • Tweezers: 13
Total Items: 130

  • Aircraft/Helos: 18
  • Armor: 3
  • Cars/Motorcyles: 7
  • Figures: 3
  • Ships: 2
  • Miscellaneous: 0

5. My daughter Sarah said that folks see her name tag and ask if her Dad’s a member of the BPMS that’s sending kits to the model group. When she answers in the affirmative, they tell her which of the kits we’ve sent that they’re building. Good to know our efforts are appreciated.

See you Friday,


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