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Region 1 Update 6-17-08

Region 1 Update
8 June 2008

Hi and Howdy everyone,

Let me apologize for the lateness of this update. I had hoped to get it out before I left for Vegas, but we all know the line about the best laid plans… I returned home last night, or to be more precise, early this morning. Flying into JFK is always an adventure, but add some weather delays into the mix and it seems the airlines fall further into madness. I met my grandson for the first time, and am happy to say he’s a healthy and happy little guy. He said he’s ready to build some models with grandpa, but wants to wait until his motor skills are a little more developed. His logic was impeccable at such a young age!! (He’s just about a month old now!!) But I won’t bore y’all with any more of this, let’s get right down to the skinny.

The topic for this update is the link between submitting an Event Registration Form (ERF), and IPMS Insurance. A situation came up in another region where a chapter needed a certificate of insurance (CI) for an event, and asked for one the day before!! I know, our chapters here in Region 1 land are far too savvy for that, but I’ve been asked by DLC Dick to reinforce the correct procedures for obtaining a CI for an event. Nothing’s changed, so there are no surprises!! Before you apply for a CI from our esteemed IPMS Office Manager MJ, please take the time to submit and EFR, found on the IPMS web site. This needs to be filled out for each instance where a CI will be needed, IE coverage for chapter meeting sites, contests, mall shows, you get the idea, any event where you need insurance!! Then plan your timing accordingly. Give the process 60 days from the time of initial request to certificate arrival. In some cases it may be less than that, but don’t forget things take time, and this is an item that should appear very early in your event planning.

Getting the ERF in early also gives you more event advertising by having your event listed on the web site’s coming events page, and insertion in the Journal for a longer period of time. And while we’re on the subject of event advertising, don’t forget, each chapter is all able to receive a ¼ page event ad in the Journal. You’ll need to submit camera ready artwork, and to get more information contact the Journal staff at the address found in the latest Journal. It’s all part of the benefits of being an affiliated chapter of IPMS. As my old Gunny used to say, “Get some, Oo-Ra!!”

The nationals are coming in about two months, 6-9 August in Virginia Beach VA. I hope the current gas prices don’t discourage anyone from making the trip. It’s going to be an awesome event from what I’ve been hearing. I understand Cobra Company has dropped out as a vendor. The tables have already been sold to another vendor, and the vendor room is still full!! There are many things to do in tat part of Virginia, so I’m going a few days early to check out some battlefields, the USS Wisconsin, and the Mariners Museum, among other things. The tours are starting to fill in quickly, so if you haven’t made up your minds about which ones to do, don’t delay much longer.

Now that we’re about half way though the year, it may be a good time for everyone to review their fact sheets, and make any corrects needed. If you make any changes, send it along either to Dick or myself for updating. If it’s done now, you’ll be that much further along the rechartering curve. I have copies if you can’t find them, so ask if you need them.

I’ll send along an updated show schedule in the next update. I’m waiting for one to be confirmed before being added. Speaking of shows, I hear the Region 2 Regional will be held close to us, and hosted by our friends NJIPMS in 2009. I’ll pass along more information and add it to the calendar shortly. This is going to be a “must attend” event in 09, so I’ll pass along more info shortly, and add it to our next event calendar. I hope we as a region support those that support us when the sponsorship request arrives. There are many chapters in Region 2 that support our regional, and it’s most appropriate that we reciprocate. I’ll be sponsoring one as RC1, so at least consider it.

The Buffalo folks are working on the 2009 Noreastcon with their usual abandon!! Here’s the link to the show page. Check it early and often for the latest, greatest show info.

I understand some of the Region 5 chapters and their members have been taking a beating during the recent flooding. Let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers while they undertake the difficult road to recovery in so many communities.

That’s the closing bell I hear in the background, so will end this mercifully!! As always, please share this with the officers and members of your chapter!!

Semper Fi
Doug H.

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