Friday, June 20, 2008

Bulletin: June, 2008

by Bobby the Blue
May was another great meeting with a turnout of 25 members, 2 guests bringing in 44 models for the contest and Phantom display.

PARTS BOX NIGHT: We had a great selection of parts up for grabs, and grab many members did! Thanks to everyone who opened up their coffers of parts for the benefits of others!
PHIFTY YEARS OF PHABULOUS PHANTOMS: We had 33 Phantoms on display. Not too shabby! A beautiful display with a wonderful array of paint schemes.
Award Winners
Phancy Pheathers Phantom 1/48 F-4J, VF-31 Frank T.
Phaded Phantom 1/72 F-4S, VMFA 232 Ralph R.
Phully-Loaded Phantom 1/72 F-4D, USAF Frank C.

CONTEST NIGHT 2Q08: We had a rather light turnout for our second contest night of 2008 but the quality was top notch.
You can see pics from each meeting on Gordon’s blog:

On the agenda: June
PIZZA NIGHT: One of the oldest BPMS activities, and probably one of the favorites: PIZZA NIGHT! There are only a few rules about this, bring your appetite but not any guests. Please be sure your dues are in good standing, otherwise no grub.
It’s here! The first theme contest night of 2008!

Theme Alert: WARSAW PACT
Heads up! The next theme contest will be THE WARSAW PACT!!! Get your Soviet kits out of the closet and build them. The sponsors will have some strict guidelines for this theme contest. This will be for the June meeting. And now a word from our sponsors:

DATE: JUNE 20, 2008
The Warsaw Pact was a military alliance of socialist states in Central and East Europe. The Warsaw Pact served to counter the potential threat from the NATO alliance. The Alliance began on May 14, 1955 and ended July 1, 1991. The members of the alliance were Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Soviet Union.

The Theme Contest is the Warsaw Pact 1955 to 1991. You can build kits from any of the Warsaw Pact members, used in that time period. You can build armor, vehicles, ships, figures, aircraft, helicopters, or anything you can come up with. All we ask is that all entries should be new built kits. Any old off the shelf models should be display only.
Sponsored by Comrades: Jimmy T, Jeff E, James M

Our Location: Bergen Beach Sports Complex

From Belt Pkwy: Take exit 11N - Flatbush Avenue North. Go North on Flatbush Avenue and make a right onto Avenue U (Kings Plaza). Continue on Avenue U to Bergen Avenue; Make a right onto Bergen Avenue. Go straight on Bergen Avenue 3 blocks. Sports Complex on left.

Other Themes
With the first theme contest upon us, we have to look to December. Vinny presented the great idea of a 50th Anniversary Theme for NASA. Would you like to join in and sponsor this theme? Some other concepts we’ve kicked around are: Take One for the Team, New York, Alternate Realities, Things That Sweep / Swing, Go Big, Go Small, Extreme Modeling, and Things That Sting. There’s an anniversary for the Air Force and thirty years for Battlestar Galactica. There’s also an anniversary for Tet Offensive. Also, long time member Dave Cockrum passed away in late 2006. Years ago he was a part sponsor of a Humor In Modeling Theme Contest. We recently lost Art Gerber who was the IPMS Head Judge for Armor. Armor Theme, perhaps? Contact the officers if you want to help sponsor any of these contests.

ACTIVITIES: President Jimmy decided it was time for some discussions groups, as we kept it light last year. So here’s what we have coming up: July: Metal Finishes, panel to be determined. August: Resin Casting hosted by Matt. If you would like to organize a panel, join one, or have in idea for any activity, feel free to contact any of the officers.

Meeting Date: June 20th, 2008

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