Friday, September 12, 2014

Bulletin: September, 2014

T h e
M i n u t e s

by Judge Bax0jayz

August was full meeting. Nothing brings members to the meeting like free pizza! We had 22 members and no guests who brought in 25 models.

August Meeting

CONTEST NIGHT 3Q14: The third installment of the annual contest is in the books. We had an extraordinary showing of good work on the tables and the competition was fierce!  Each vote puts you closer to being the first winner of the FRANK TRIPOLI AWARD, for the member who gathers the most votes during the year.

pIZZA NIGHT: Everyone loves a delicious tradition. Every August brings the BPMS PIZZA NIGHT! The group brought their appetites as we made fast work of the dozen pies.  

IPMS NATIONALS: Some of the members who attended the IPMS Nationals gave a run-down of the show.  

RAFFLE: We had a monthly raffle with a large assortment of items. We’ll probably have another raffle in September depending on time. 

On the agenda: September

FLESH TONES & EYEBALLS: The greatest challenges people name when painting figures would be flesh tones and eyeballs. Joe B. and your humble narrator will each discuss our approaches to deal with these aspects of the hobby. We cordially invite any members who would like to contribute to prepare a couple words on the subject to share with the group during the meeting.  

* * *

You can see pics from each meeting either at the Photo-Blog:  

Meeting Date:
September 19, 2014

Same time,
Same place! 

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