Friday, August 08, 2014

BPMS Bulletin: August 2014

T h e

M i n u t e s

by Bobby B2 Blue Pokorny

July was light meeting. When summer comes to town, everyone else leaves! We  had 17 members and no guests who brought in 11 models.

July Meeting

PREZ FOR THE NIGHT: Resident Ray Whitton wasn’t able to attend the meeting so our Veep, Gordon Cheung, did a great job of holding down the fort for the night.  

EUROPEAN TOUR THEME: Two of our sponsors, Joe and Ray, discussed some of the finer points of their theme contest with the group. More details HERE. Feel free to direct any questions or comments to the sponsors directly.

PUTTYING TECHNIQUES: Our esteemed panel consisting of Frank Colucci, Ed Johnson, and your humble narrator, described to the group our methods for making those pesky seam-lines in our models go away. While we all have similar goals, everyone has a different approach to taking on the challenge. I think we all went home with a couple new tricks learned. It’s always a good idea to run these basic skills clinics periodically.   

TROOP SUPPORT: With Hugh in retirement Jimmy Tissot volunteered to take over the role as Wounded Warrior Project liaison. He’s gotten reports regarding what models and supplies would be most useful. He was recently advised of a hub to ship to closer to home, so that’s good. As always, donations of any models and supplies are welcome.

PHOTO ROSTER: Hugh can provide the files and write up the process I use in PowerPoint and PhotoManager to put the pages together. Can anyone take this job over? Hello? Anyone? Contact Bobby or Jeff at the meeting.

On the agenda: August

CONTEST NIGHT 3Q14: The third installment of the annual contest is upon us. It’s a good time to try to accumulate some extra votes. Each vote puts you closer to being the first winner of the FRANK TRIPOLI AWARD, for the member who gathers the most votes during the year. Remember, you are invited to bring back your entry for the ASIAN INVASION THEME CONTEST if it hasn’t been entered in a prior quarterly contest.

pIZZA NIGHT: Everyone loves a delicious tradition. Every August brings the BPMS PIZZA NIGHT! Bring your appetite, but not your friends, to our all-you-can-eat pizza feast. Be sure your dues are in good standing, or else no pizza for you!

RAFFLE: We may have a monthly raffle with an assortment of items depending on time.

The Photo-Blog: http://gmobile17.blogspot.com/

Our next meeting will be on August 15.
Same Time, Same Place!

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