Friday, December 09, 2022

December 6, 2022 BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting Report

Thirteen people attended the meeting. The December in-person meeting is Friday, the 16th, so there's no Zoom meeting next Tuesday. Lou was happy to report Tamiya's 1/48 F-35 A is finally here, as are ICM's 1/72 Ki-21 1b Sally and 1/48 Gotha 242 glider. Kevin hears that Jerseyfest will be back, in some form, in 2023. 

In progress and completed work included: Lysander (with instrument decals from airscale.co.uk), a familiar reindeer (in clay, to go with Yukon Cornelius), Harrier GR-7A/9A, RF-4 Phantom and female motorcyclist with bike. Acquisitions included: Ju-88-A6, Panzer 3 Mineroler conversion, A-6 EA, Dr. Frankenstein (pronounced "Fronkensteen")bust, Norris figure (from 1982 film The Thing), Tarzan figure, Stout Skycar 2, Tu 2, Yak 9, PT 19, Morser Gerat 0-40 (these last 6 from Mr. K's stash, which he considered large until Lou told of the time he visited a guy with 10,000 unbuilt kits). A handle bending tool from Trumpeter was the featured tool, followed by some Q&A about Gil's cordless airbrush (from Autolock). It's a double action brush that's good for thinner paints (not for primers), a 1 hr. charge gives 20 min of work time, handy for small paint jobs. 

We discussed what we look for in vendors' rooms. Some of us are disciplined and stick to a shopping list prepared in advance. Others will get the first new, shiny thing (or things) they see. We also look for tools, supplies, hard to find kits, reference material, what Frank describes as "comfort plastic" and, most of all, bargains. The session closed with Kevin answering questions about clay and sculpting. This may be a clinic at a future in-person meeting. 

Next meeting will be in-person on 12/16/22 at the Community Center. No invite required. Doors open around 6pm. meeting starts at 7:30. It will be busy, what with the Aurora Theme Contest, Holiday Desserts and the 2022 Awards. Hope to see you there. 


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