Friday, December 02, 2022

BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting: 11/29/22, Tuesday

Thirteen people attended the meeting. Frank was asked about the IPMS chapter renewal process. It's not very intuitive, but a helpful IPMS rep walked him through it. Thank you, Frank.

Lou reports Dragon's Pz 4 D DAK - Tropical Version and AFV Club's Javelin AT missile, both 1/35, are available. Also watch for a 1/16 Tiger 1 from Andy's Hobby HQ. Mark shared photos of the 2022 Turkey Challenge; fifteen entries, mostly armor, a tank crew and a Tumbler Batmobile. Nice work, even with the tight schedule and holiday household chores. Mark also shared data on his club's October show and we returned to the subject of competition v display at shows. Some feel competition isn't the draw it used to be, that more people are coming to see models, socialize and, of course, visit the vendors' room.
In progress and completed work included: Lysander (the model is as tricky to build as the actual aircraft is to land, as we learned from Vaughn), an original, scratch-built Yukon Cornelius figure (Kevin used Cosclay flexible polymer clay to sculpt the impressive figure), Ferrari 312 T4 (Joe's opportunity to build a detailed engine, then hide it behind a firewall), Oil Tanker (Gil's nod to the TV Movie Duel), Junkers F 13 W, MiG-15 UTI, 

B-50 and XC-97 conversions (Mr. K isn't one to waste parts), three F-4 F Wildcats (Michael described his method of painting engines), Harrier GR-7A/9A, F4-F Phantom and, because Frank had all those JASDF decals, an F-104. Acquisitions included: Frankenstein monster, Maria (from Metropolis), Cyclops (from 7thVoyage of Sinbad) and F-4B Phantom. This week's tool was another NWSL product, the Duplicutter, useful when you need identically sized pieces. Random tips: Kevin found an inexpensive source for uv cure clear resin in the jewelry section of Amazon. Color tints are also available. Frank found that asking Alexea for English/Metric conversions is quicker using a calculator. Mr K found gloss lacquer can get cloudy when sprayed in damp weather but a hair dryer can make it clear. Others use hair dryers to dry paint, to soften thick vinyl parts before cutting/bending and a properly used hair dryer can also remove moisture stains from furniture. The next meeting is 12/6/22 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Hope to see you there. 



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