Friday, February 10, 2023

BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report: Tues, Feb 7, 2023

Fourteen people attended the meeting. We met Brian, a modeler form Massachusetts. Hope we see him again. No zoom meeting next Tuesday, as the February in-person is next Friday, the 17th. Doors open around 6 pm, meeting starts around 7:30 pm. The Quarterly Contest and "show us your tool" are the scheduled activities. Details are in the newsletter, which is in the mail. Surprised that we still mail a newsletter, Mark said BPMS was like one of those isolated tribes, who found a way to avoid the modern world. He's got a point. Maybe that's why we've been around for fifty years?
Lou was pleased to report Academy's 1/48 A-10 C and Zero 21 and Takom's 1/35 M-48 family (M48 A-3, M48 A-5 and M-247 Sgt. York) are now available.
In progress and completed work included: A-6A, Lysander (an inspection window mishap is no problem for a man with a second kit), Jagdpanzer 4 L/48 (Border's kit includes Zimmerit paste and applicator tool), Porsche, RF-4 (with a troublesome stabilator), Harrison Ford Blade Runner bust (3D printed in washable resin), T-33 and Jagdpanther. Acquisitions included: S-51 helicopter, FW-58C, Humbrol Chrome Silver paint, Blue Stuff thermoplastic molding material, F-16 A and F-4 B.
We heard many ways to temporarily tack parts in place. Starting ,of course, with Blu-Tack, we moved to Play-Doh, rubber bands, plastic bag ties, mini clothespins, clamps, Aileen's Tacky Glue, white glue and various tape types. Frog Tape is low tack and prevents paint bleed. Japanese Kabuki (aka Washi) tape, is also low tack, and repositionable. Lastly, BPMS Superraffle tape, considered by some to be too sicky for masking, is just right for dry fitting parts.
If you're going to Glendale on Sunday, enjoy the game, but not so much that you miss the Friday meeting.

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