Thursday, February 02, 2023

BPMS ZOOM Mini Meeting Report: Jan 31, 2023

Thirteen people attended the meeting. Lou reports two new Rye Field 1/35 releases: Tiger 1, late production and JTLV. We heard about several upcoming events: Old Dominion Open in Richmond VA on 2/25/23, Replicon in Freeport, NY on 3/25/23, Downeastcon in Sanford, ME on 4/16/23 and Noreastcon in Albany NY on 4/29/23. Closer to home, BPMS will have a lunch meeting at Junior's (386 Flatbush Avenue Extension, Brooklyn) on 3/4/23. 
We added the Cesna 195, Airmaster 145, Aurora's Knights and Pyro's antique firearms to last week's dream models list. 
In-progress and completed work included: T-33 (Frank thanked Mr. K for last week's tip about a white undercoat for an orange topcoat) and Jagdpanther. Acquisitions included: F-4 E, F-4 EJ and Israeli F-16A decals, F-35 B, F/A-18,  Gundam markers, AH-64 E Guardian and a 3D printed 1/35 Matilda 1 from Vargas Scale Models. The few, but complex, parts (one piece track and suspension, full hull complete with electrical wiring for headlamps) will make an interesting build. Ink was the featured topic. Many of us use Sharpie Markers, few of us use ink. It can be applied with calligraphy pens (nibs come in several widths) or drafting pens ( Leroy, Rapidograph). Ink only works on a flat finish. Colors can be mixed. Don't thin acrylic ink. Once dry, ink is durable. Don has tried airbrushing white ink as winter camouflage. He was semi-satisfied with the results. Gil, who recommends Amsterdam Inks, used a pen to color panels on a spacecraft and was happy with the result.  The tool tip of the week was using Burt's Bees Lip Balm, rather than beeswax, to seal a leaky airbrush nozzle. Another tip, Liquid paper is good for filling small seams. Next meeting is 2/7/23 at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow. Happy Groundhog Day. 

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