Friday, October 13, 2023

BPMS Bulletin: October 2023 - By Kevin K

 Minutes from the September Meeting
Attendance: Members – 20, Guests – 2, Models – 23
Meeting was gaveled to order at 8:00PM.

• Discussion of the upcoming contests, including Penn Con which was occurring the following day.
• Other shows included Armor Con and the HVHMG show. Look for the flyer and categories elsewhere in this issue.
• IPMS Region 1 held a Zoom meeting to discuss current events. Topics including welcoming “new” models – i.e., Gundams etc. And the GSB vs. 123 judging styles.
• The monthly raffle was held with 10 winners!
• October is the time to show your Pledge models, Nominations will also be held, and the theme for the Oct. meeting will be Spooky.
• Discussion also included the Christmas Dinner to be held in early Dec.
• Kevin K gave a short talk on painting 1/35 scale figures for your dioramas. .
• Meeting was adjourned at 9:35PM
October Activities!
MODEL PLEDGES: Earlier in the year you should've "pledged" a model to build by the October meeting. Building this model pledge entitles you to a BONUS FIVE SUPER RAFFLE TICKETS! If you finished your pledge earlier in the year and already brought it in, we invite you to bring it back for this meeting. Be sure to mark on your kit slip that this is your Pledge so Bob knows. Thanks!
NOMINATIONS: Usually a regime gets to sit up front for two years, but with COVID we relied on these guys to maintain stability for an extended period of time. Who will be ascending to the desk up front?
SPOOKY MODELS: October is officially the spookiest month, so why not display a spooky model. Will it be a figure of Michael Myers or a Banshee jet, that's up to you to figure out a way to interpret this theme night! ~Bob


Meeting date: 

October 20, 2023

Location: BBSC

Time: We usually have members setting up by 6 PM. Feel free to come by early!

Download the full BULLETIN PDF HERE

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