Saturday, October 28, 2023

10/24/23 BPMS Zoom mini-meeting report

Sixteen people attended the meeting, although technical problems prevented several from fully participating. That didn't faze Lou, who, in a post meeting email, reported the re-release of Monogram's old M-29C Weasel in 1/32. Bobby gave highlights of last Friday's in-person meeting and an update on next month's Super Raffle - 300 tickets so far! We were glad to learn that Julio is on the road to recovery. Attention, headhunters. Don is looking for a 1/16 head to replace the one provided in the Mr. Kim's Noodle Boat kit. Contact Don directly. Vaughan told us about problems spraying Humbrol acrylics which, apparently, are not as airbrush ready as claimed. Thinning with alcohol, windshield washer fluid and adding flow improver were recommended solutions.

The Hudson Valley show is this Saturday, 10/28/23, at the Elk's Club, 29 Overrocker Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY and the Long Island Figure Show is 11/18/23 at the Freeport Rec Center. The BPMS holiday lunch is 12/2/23 at Nora's, details to follow.

In-progress and completed work included: Eurocopter, F-117 A, AR-2, Annular Monoplane, F-90 Gundam, Tornado, A-4 Skyhawk, MiG-21(recon), a pair of Necronomicons and a trio of Cuthulhus. Acquisitions included: Fokker D-7, F3F-3, B-24, Wildcat (all from Westchester Trains and Hobby in Yorktown Heights), '41 Plymouth and 1911 Deperdussin Monoplane.
The featured tool was a texture pallet Gil made to refine his dry brushing technique. It's a random grouping of spare parts, assorted scales and shapes, primed and glued to a flat surface so you can practice/adjust your dry brushing before attempting it on your model. Good one, Gil.
Only a few of us have used phosphorescent/fluorescent /UV reactive paints. Those who have used them mentioned fluorescent powder that can be mixed with acrylic medium or clear coat for brush painting. Also, Gaianotes produces a line of fluorescent paints for modelers.
Next Tuesday is Halloween. It's also our next zoom meeting. Don't be afraid to join us at 7:30 pm. Invites to follow.


More paint information, courtesy Gil. https://glomania.com/

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