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BPMS Zoom Mini Meeting Report: December 19, 2023

Featured Discussion: Inspiration
Where do you get your model-building inspiration?
Where do you find out about new kits?
What magazine, website, catalog gets you going

Zoom Meeting Report – Dec. 19, 2023

Fifteen people attended the Zoom Meeting, including newcomer Ed from Pennsylvania who builds armored vehicles and naval aircraft.  Ed’s current project, a Bandai YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie robot, started a discussion of favorite primers.  Bob K still prefers his lethal automotive concoction while others opt for Vallejo acrylic black and other hobby undercoats.

Lou reported absolutely no new kit arrivals, but Jimmy and Frank C await new Sword RF-8 Crusader recon jets in 1/72 scale, one representing the Cuban Missile Crisis RF-8A and the other a Vietnam-era RF-8G. Work in progress included Gil’s Tomb Raider and Catwoman figures, Joe B’s polar-bear-fightin’ mechawarriors modified from Nitto SF3D fighting suits, Bob K’s Hobby Boss F-22, and Vaughan’s 1/32 Revell Hurricane in tortured desert camouflage. Vaughan also revealed his descent into armor with a Trumpeter 1/72 Swedish S-Tank and concluded, “This is one amazing kit.”

New purchases included Bob P’s 3D-printed Buddy Cthulhgu, Frank C’s 1/48 Mi-24 Hind from Trumpeter/MiniHobby, Bob K’s 65 Pontiac Bonneville and VW Van and a 1955 Chevy wagon with parts for the pickup. Mr. K also showed his completed PT-19 trainer from MPM and a ’63 Ford Hardtop from AMT nicely finished in his trademark nail polish colors.

Gil’s tool tip of the week was a pack of rotary bristle-discs with abrasive grits from 80 to 12000. Chucked in variable-speed motor tools, the 1 in. diameter discs smooth putty without damaging plastic. Gil noted, “Sometimes I buy a tool because I’m curious how it will be working on a particular model.”

Our sources-of-inspiration discussion included modeling websites such as Armorama and Missing Links, enthusiast magazines like Air Forces Monthly, and varied social media. Bob P is painting a Fang of the Sun Dougram figure and noted “The whole thing was started by seeing guys build it on Twitter.” Frank G observed, “What excites me about a model is the challenge of something new.” Frank C meanwhile showed his umpteenth F-4 Phantom, inspired by the biography of fighter ace Robin Olds.

The next Zoom meeting will be on the Tuesday after Christmas, Dec. 26.  Invites to follow.


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