Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A note from Hugh


Here's Major Samouce's lastest update.

I sent a small package of mostly supplies and some small models since the last meeting. I have a big box almost ready to go which I will top off with 1/72 WWII a/c (see the Major's request in his update). Note the change in emphasis from car models. I won't be at the JUNE meeting, but Frank C. will have the donations box. I'll update the totals after this next big box ships.

I'm going to include in the next box to Speicher a selection of photos of models taken at our March and May meetings.


PS: My mistake. The small box mentioned below went out just before the last meeting rather than after. Also, the Major mentioned that acrylic paint is in short supply.

Hello all,

I hope this finds you well. Here is the June update to the Speicher Model Group. First and foremost, thanks for the continued support of the group. We have moved to another area in the MWR building and had KBR build some shelf to hold the kits.

We have also had a lot more soldiers taking part in the Group. Everyone is just amazed at the selection and supplies that you guys have provided. I do have a request to pass on from some of the soldiers. They would like more 1/72 scale WWII era aircraft kits. They have proved very popular and we only have a few remaining. We are also running low on acrylic paint.

On Memorial Day, we had a model display show in the MWR Library. I set the display up at 0700 in the morning and at 1800 when I arrived to remove all of the kits, there was quite a crowd still looking at them. I of course brought the soldiers back to the Group area and showed then the kits they could build.

Here some other models that have been completed –

I had one soldier who’s husband is located at another smaller FOB send him several kits with construction supplies. So it looks like we are doing “care” packages too.

I would like to thank the following organizations and individuals who have donated to the group.

Groups – Micro MARK Co, Fine Scale Modeler Magazine, The Polish Coastwatchers.

Individuals – Shawn Doughtie, Richard Redmond, R. Ekstrom, H. Lapa, Andy Kwong
So it June now, August will be here before I know it and we will all be returning to our families. The days drag buy but the months seem to move fast.

Thanks again and you all take care,

MAJ Duke Samouce

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