Thursday, August 31, 2006

Region 1 Approved Events

Hi everyone,

Attached, at long last is the update Region 1 Events calendar. I know I've been promising it for a few updates, but life has a way of getting in the way.

You'll notice a few changes in the Spring 07 section from years past. Both the Wings and Wheels event, and RepLIcon have moved a few weeks into March. My thanks to both groups for helping free up some weekends in April. I think the new look to the schedule is fantastic, and should really help all the spring events get more fannies in the seats!! I see a nice balance and with only one day with two events, 15 march. I think we'll have the best opportunity to make all the shows. The only day that has two events is 15 March. MASSCAR and Buffcon certainly don't offer any conflict due to the fact they're on different ends of the region.

We're still a number of votes short in making the Amendment vote valid. Please continue to urge your members to cast their ballot. If it were made any easier, someone from IPMS would go to your home and move your hand to make your vote. But that's something you'll have to do yourselves!!! Take a few minutes and be part of it!!

Now that the summer is drawing to a close, I suppose many will be returning to the workbench. With the great events we have on tap for the fall and spring, there will be plenty of opportunities to bring our work out and show it off. Lets look forward to a fun and enjoyable fall season. Until next time...............

Semper Fi
Doug Hamilton

2006 Region 1 Approved Events

17 September Rocon
IPMS Rochester

24 September Cape Codcon
IPMS Cape Cod

8 October Modelfest
IPMS Stratford

15 October Granitecon
IPMS Granite State

21 October Mid Hudson
IPMS Hudson Valley

22 October Syrcon
IPMS Syracuse

5 November Baycon
IPMS Bay Colony

2007 Region 1 Approved Events

25 March Valleycon
IPMS Wings and Wheels

31 March RepLIcon
IPMS Long Island

7 April Mosquitocon (Region 2)

15 April MASSCAR

15 April Buffcon
IPMS Niagara Frontier

27/28 April Noreastcon
IPMS Mid-Hudson/ IPMS Stratford
Fishkill NY

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